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From our courses to our groundbreaking research, the University of Nottingham has a strong reputation for exploring AI and its potential for facing challenges in the 21st Century.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of intelligent systems. AI has been increasingly used in support of a range of everyday applications, from virtual assistants, enhancing entertainment/gaming, medical diagnosis, cancer treatment, detecting cyber-attacks, business analytics and embodied autonomous systems (e.g. vehicles, robots). AI technologies rely on a broad set of general-purpose and specialised computing techniques, including knowledge representation schemes, problem-solving and learning techniques dealing with sensing (e.g. speech recognition, natural language understanding, computer vision), modelling (e.g. optimisation, machine learning, data science, Big Data), reasoning (e.g. search, planning), actuating (e.g. robotics) and the architectures needed to support them (e.g. agents, multi-agents).

The University of Nottingham has significant research income for AI research acquired from various national and international funding bodies. We also have an exceptional track record of collaborating with industry and commerce from small to large enterprises across a range of sectors offering the benefits of AI. Our excellent research environment without barriers cultivates transdisciplinary research bringing together teams and individuals from across disciplines to discover and creatively apply innovative foundational artificial intelligence research to complex real-world problems. We can rapidly respond to emerging research opportunities in the AI field building upon our transformative research agenda. That also empowers us to extend our activities into other fields and application areas from Health and Autonomous Systems to Scientific Discovery. You can explore our AI projects by research themes below.

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