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Foundations of AI


The progress in the foundations of AI, that is, innovative AI algorithms and their theoretical understanding, Human AI interaction, AI legal and ethical isues, leads to the development of cutting-edge AI technologies, tools and components that allow for more trustworthy, effective and efficient AI systems handling even more complex real-world problems.   

Our research into foundations of AI at Nottingham focusses on theoretical studies in AI and statistics, creation of new algorithms for machine learning, improving existing machine learning methods, Bayesian methods, intelligent agents, methods for handling uncertainty (fuzzy logic), methods for scheduling and computational optimisation, computer vision and explainable AI underpinned by a range of real-world applications from airport operations to logistics and cybersecurity.   

Highlights from our AI projects 

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Airport algorithm for flight departure efficiencies

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Collaborative Optimisation in a Shared-Logistics Environment (COSLE)

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ReEnTrust: Rebuilding and Enhancing Trust in Algorithms

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Computer vision tools for improved infant health care

Nottingham tram lines

Hyper-Heuristics For Routing


Procurement solution for recovery post-Covid-19


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