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The University of Nottingham delivers exceptional applied AI research in Health transforming lives and improving well-being through multi-disciplinary funded projects, successful collaborations, and high impact outputs.   

Our AI projects in health span aspects of both human and animal health including medical imaging, cancer, bioinformatics, bacteria, medical decision-making, pharmaceuticals, public health, antimicrobial resistance, remote health/health apps, biomaterials, and mental health. The majority of AI methods employed in health research are data-centred and require sufficient large (medical) datasets to achieve a more accurate diagnoses of diseases and a better prediction of their treatments – this is a key challenge we address. 

Highlights from our AI projects

3D xray of torso and upper arms


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New drug discovery

Molecular sample tubes

Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node

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Help stop TB

addictive manufacturing

3D Printing Toolkit for Healthcare



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