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Dr. Ng currently works at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. He obtained his PhD in Engineering Design from Cardiff University, UK, M.Sc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from University of Warwick, UK and B.Engineering (Hons.) in Mechanical/Systems Engineering from Putra University, Malaysia. He is also a certified TRIZ Level 3 User and TRIZ Level 2 Instructor and has been involved in industrial research projects related to CAD, product design, machine and system design, manufacturing automation and artificial intelligence for many years. He recently obtained his Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from UNM and he is also a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK).

Prior to joining UNM, Dr Ng has worked for many years in Sirim Berhad as a senior engineer. He has also worked briefly in Sony TV Malaysia as a mechanical engineer before he joined Sirim Berhad. He was a scholarship recipient of Sony TV during his undergraduate study and was a pre-service scholar of Sirim Berhad.

Dr. Ng has co-authored articles that won awards such as Young Writers Merit Award (5th INTERNATIONAL VISUAL INFORMATICS CONFERENCE 2017 (IVIC17)), Best Paper Award (4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2013 (ICEEI 2013)), and the Best Manuscript award (Annual Conference on Engineering and Information Technology (ACEAIT 2014)). He was invited as the Head/Member of the Evaluation Panel for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in the technical working committee for research grants such as Technofund, Sciencefund and Innofund in 2014 and 2015 and was a member of the technical evaluation task committee for MOSTI on automated rubber tapping in 2017. He was also a member of the technical working group (additive manufacturing sub-group) for Focus Group Electrical & Electronics/Information and Communications Technology for 11th Malaysian Plan Manufacturing Initiatives 2014.

He was the Head as well as a member of the Evaluation Panel for Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) 2014 for Industry Cluster for several Techno Fund, Science Fund and Inno Fund applications as well as a member in the Technical Evaluation Task Force Committee for Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) on Automated Rubber Tapping System 2017.

He was a member in the Industry 4.0 Technical Working Committee for Centre of Excellence for Smart Manufacturing led by Sirim Berhad for Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 2017 as well as a member of the Technical Working Group (Additive Manufacturing sub-group) for Focus Group Electrical & Electronics//Information and Communications technology (E&E/ICT) for 11th Malaysian Plan (RMK 11) Manufacturing Initiatives 2014 for Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

He was also a member of a team that participated in many TRIZ design competitions and won 1st Runner Up for the International MyTRIZ Competition 2018 and 2015, 2nd Runner Up for International MyTRIZ Competition 2016 and Merit Prize for International MyTRIZ Competition 2013.

Expertise Summary

Engineering Design, CAD, CAE, Additive Manufacturing, TRIZ.

Teaching Summary

Teaching Module:

1. Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

2. Computer-Aided Engineering

3. Advanced Engineering Design (CAE)

4. Engineering Design and Project (CAE)

Co-Tutoring Module:

1. Engineering Design and Projects

2. Design, Manufacture and Projects (2019)

Research Summary

1. A framework for sustainable energy-efficient product innovation based on TRIZ (2022-2024)

Selected Publications

Training Course/Seminar/Workshop Attended

1. TRIZ Consulting Foundation

2. TRIZ Level 2 Instructor Certification Course

3. Strategic & Analytical Thinking Skills Course by Elev8

4. VIIS 2018 Workshop: Microsoft Azure's Jupyter Notebook and R by UKM

5. Managing High Performance Team Course

6. TRIZ Level 1 Practitioner Course by UKM

7. Solidworks Technology Sharing Workshop

8. Culture Transformation Programme

9. Technical Advisory Notes Colloquium

10.TRIZ Consulting Skills Training

11. TRIZ Level 3 Practitioner Refresher Course by Innoplanet Sdn. Bhd. at Sunway University

12. Altair RADIOSS non-linear FEA analysis on Medical Implant Using Altair Hyperworks training Course by ORSTech

13. MyTRIZ Workshop 2016 on TRIZ and Hybridization Algorithms for Innovative Economy by Prushinskiy Valeriy from Samsung Electronics, Korea.

14. UKM-IVI Seminar: Knowledge Representation & Acquisition for Big Data Analytics & From IT Era to the Knowledge Era (IT-KT) by Prof. Zaharin Yusof, UPNM

15. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft: Exploring innovation and creativity with Sirim industrial research Program by Dr. Eckart Bierdumpel, VP of WAITRO

16.TRIZ Level 1 Instructor Refresher Course by MDEC/INTEL

17. TRIZ Level 1 Instructor Certification Course by MDEC/INTEL

18. MATRIZ Level III TRIZ Practitioner Training and Certification Course by Prof. Ikovenko (MATRIZ)

19. MyTRIZ Workshop 2015 "Using TRIZ For Competitive Patent Circumnavigation And Other Patent Strategies", by MyTRIZ

20. Altair AcuSolve (CFD) Course by Altair

21. TRIZ Practitioner Training Level 3 Workshop by MDEC/INTEL

22. Workshop For ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Consulting Project in Malaysia

23. Fracture Mechanics: Theory and Application Course (Part 2) by Dr. William Teh Lay Seong (Saudi Aramco)

24. Android Application Development Course by UKM

25. Fitness for Service Course using FFS Software and Abaqus by Dr. Han Sangin (Samsung Total)

26. SolidWorks Advanced Part and Surfacing Modeling Course 2014 by IME CADCAM Training Centre

27. Altair Hyperworks Course by Altair

28. Siemens NX Hybrid Modelling, NX Drafting/Assembly (CAD)

29. Autodesk 3DS Max Design Advanced Course

30. Autodesk 3DS Max Design Essentials Course

31. School for Creative Thinkers Level 1 Workshop by MATRIZ and Education for New Era

32. Managing Project Risk Course by Malaysian Institute of Management

33. IHS GoldFire - Invention Machine Workshop by CAD-IT Consultants

34.3D-Printing Training by Stratasys

35.Star CCM+ CFD Course by CD-Adapco

36.Seminar on FEA using Midas NFX Nastran

37.FEA and Future Simulation Tools by NAFEMS

38.Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Seminar 2013

39.Fracture Mechanics: Theory and Application Course (Part 1) by Dr. William Teh Lay Seong (Det Norske Veritas)

40.Flow & Thermal Simulation Seminar for the Offshore Industry by CD-Adapco

41.The application of delamination and failure of composite structures simulation analysis using ABAQUS by Dr. Zhenmin Zou (University of Manchester, UK)

42."Whole Brain Creativity & Innovation Programme" by Innovative Training Expert Sdn. Bhd.

43. The perforation of metal plate subjected to bullet impact using FORTRAN user-sub-routine and ABAQUS Course by Dr. Rizal Zahari (UPM)

44. Teamwork Skills by Peopleogy Group of Companies

45.Project Management Workshop by Sirim Berhad

46 Patent Search & Patent Drafting Specification by Sirim Berhad

47.TRIZ 2011 Workshop "Inventing the future with Systematic Innovation" by MyTRIZ

48.MATLAB & Simulink Day Course 2011

49.TRIZ Practitioner Training Level 1 by MDEC/INTEL

50.TRIZ Practitioner Training Level 2 by MDEC/INTEL

51.Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Workshop 2010 by Prof. Y. Akao (HKQFD Association)

52.Statistical Analysis using Minitab Course by Applied Breakthrough Technologies Sdn. Bhd.371.

53. SolidWorks Intermediate Course 2010 by IME CADCAM Training Centre

54. SolidWorks Essentials Course 2010 by IME CADCAM Training Centre

55. SolidWorks Simulation Basic Course 2010 by IME CADCAM Training Centre

56. Autodesk "Process Equipment Fabricator, Home and Office Furniture Case Study" Course by Autodesk

57. Effective Business and Report Writing Skills

58. Introduction to MSC Patran and MSC Nastran Course 2001 by MSC Software

59. Introduction to MSC Patran Course 2001 by MSC Software

60. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop R2 Technical Training by ACA-Pacific

61.ThinkReal Training Course by CAD-IT Consultants

62. AutoLisp Basic Programming by Advanced Design Visualisation, UTM (Autodesk Training Center

63. Express Data Manager Course by Jotne EPM Technology

64. ISO 9000 - Introduction and Documentation

65. Rational Training "Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML and Rose/C++

66.Object-Oriented Analysis and Design by PDX Training Centre

67.Positioning Systems and Control Seminar by AIMS Industrial Supply Sdn. Bhd.

68.Work Study Course by National Productivity Corporation (NPC)

69.Introduction to Pneumatics Course by Festo Didactic

70.Design of Pneumatic Controls Course by Festo Didactic

71.Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Course by Festo Didactic

72. Cimatron Advanced Level Course

73. Cimatron Intermediate Level Course

74. Cimatron Basic Level Course

75. SDRC Ideas Advanced Level Course

76. SDRC Ideas Intermediate Level Course

77. SDRC Ideas Basic Level Course

Past Research

Past Research Projects:

1. Using shape grammars and Algorithms to Capture Design Knowledge (2010-2012)

2. TRIZ Inspired Operators for Intelligent Algorithm Development (2010-2013)

3. Innovative Design Support Model Based On TRIZ And Design Patent Information (2011-2013)

4. Design of Multi-Core Computing Architectures For Local Software Developers (2013-2014)

5. TRIZ Model for House Energy Saving (2013-2015)

6. A Novel Framework to Support Innovative Product Design based on TRIZ and Shape Grammars (2013-2016)

7. A Framework for Sustainable Product Innovation based on TRIZ (2018-2021)

8. Technology Forecasting Model based on Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE) and Big Data for 4IR (2019-2021)

Past Group Design and Manufacture Project :

1. The Fitness Office Chair - Leong Wei Yi, Tan Yong Hui, Leem Mein Zhen, Choong Pui Ka (2019)

2. Adaptable Temporary Flood Protection and Mitigation Barrier - Lim Zi Yang, Ryan Lim Jia Sheng,

Nicholas Wong Chun Hoong (2020)

3. Automated Wall and Ceiling Painting Machine - Chai Xiang Ren, Soo Xuan Jie, Lee Jian

Liang, Ng Wen Jie (2021)

Current Group Design and Manufacture Project:

Past Supervised Students (PhD):

1. Amir Hossein Aghamohammadi (Joint supervision with UKM) - Graduated in 2016 with Ph.D. (Thesis Title: Collaboration on Heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicle Systems Using Visual Tracking

2. Ms Marzieh Mogharrebi (Joint Supervision with UKM) - Graduated in 2017 with Ph.D. ( Thesis Title: Content-based Patent Image Retrieval)

3. Ms Manar Abduljabbar Ahmad Mizher (Joint Supervision with UKM) - Graduated in 2019 with Ph.D. (Thesis Title: Video Inpainting and Motion Falsifying Forgeries Detection Based on Fingerprinting)

Past Supervised Students (MEng):

1. Chan Chun Kit - Graduated in 2020 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Sustainable Product Innovation using Patent Mining and TRIZ)

2. Liew Jin Wei - Graduated in 2020 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Design of an Adaptive Flood Barrier for Flash Flood) - Winner of IED Student Prize Award 2020

3. Yap Weng Sheng - Graduated in 2020 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Adaptive Moulding for Surgical Implant Using Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution (TESE)

4. Lim Jian Ching - Graduated in 2020 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Optimising Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) Assembly Time Using TRIZ-Inspired Operators for Intelligent Algorithms

5. Pun Aik Seng - Graduated in 2021 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Development of a Technology Forecasting System based on Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution (TESE)

6. Chan E-Ming - Graduated in 2021 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Development of a Conceptual Design System based on TRIZ Scientific Effects

7. Chin Mun Hong - Graduated in 2021 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Development of a Smart Monitoring System for the Advanced Manufacturing of a Product or Part (3D printing of a Part) - Winner of IED Student Prize Award 2021

8. Jivyn Syon Chakrabarty - Graduated in 2021 with M.Eng (Thesis Title: Design of a Smart Hat or Cap that Allows Shielding of Droplets Using Patent Mining Techniques

Past Supervised Students (BEng):

1. Ismail Mostafa Mohamed Mahdy - Graduated in 2020 with B.Eng (Thesis Title: Torque Wrench With

TorqueMeasuring Device Using TRIZ)

2. Sarvina Thandauthapani - Graduated in 2020 with B.Eng (Thesis Title: Design and Analysis of a

Cleaning Fan Equipment )

Current Supervised Students (MEng):

1. Chin Hui Yin - MEng Final Year student 2021 (Final Year Project Title: Exploring slicing technology to assist and facilitate auto-remanufacturing of parts using simulation)

2. Noah Lee Wern Choong - MEng Final Year student 2021 (Final Year Project Title: Design and development of a low-cost isolation chamber for students to attend face-to-face class with disinfection and safe circulation features - Nominated for IED Student Prize Award 2022

3. Tan Yun Ching - MEng Final Year student 2021 (Final Year Project Title: Design and development of an E-log book system for engineers to capture their design activities, decisions, and ideas real-time)

4. Wong Jia Wei - MEng Final Year student 2021 (Final Year Project Title: Design and development of an Automated Filament Changing System for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer using Axiomatic Design and TRIZ)

Current Supervised Students (BEng):

William Philip Liggett - BEng Final Year student 2021 (Final Year Project Title: Design and Analysis of an Innovative and Sustainable Container for Powder and Liquid Washing Detergent)

Past Supervised Students (MSc):

1. Deepak Nishrint - Graduated in 2021 with M.Sc (Distinction) (Thesis Title: Integrating Axiomatic Design and TRIZ with Solidworks to Design A Fatigue Detection Device)

Current Supervised Students (MSc):

2. Meshal Iqbal Shah (Joint Supervision with UKM and Leeds Beckett University, UK) - MSc title: Using AI to generate robot disassembly planning in autonomous remanufacturing process based on slicing and CAD technologies (2022-2024)

Future Research

1. Artificial Intelligence in Design

2. Autonomous Design

3. Augmented Reality Design

4. Sustainable Product Innovation

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