Architecture, Culture and Tectonics Research Group


Experimental structures, materials and fabrication

  • Lightweight membrane structures
  • Deployable structures
  • Structural and environmental performance
  • Materiality and tectonics
  • Complex design methodologies
  • Developing non-intrusive design methods
  • Past, present and future practice
  • Digital design and fabrication
  • Artefact based PhD research




Urbanism and landscape history and theory

  • Urban history and theory
  • Domesticity and its intersection with urbanism
  • City environments
  • Sustainable communities and resilient cities
  • Sustainable urban regeneration strategies and design
  • Social and cultural sustainability
  • Compact cities and urban density relationships
  • Integrating innovative architectural and urban design in historical contexts
  • Age-friendly living and community development
  • Landscape design and landscape branding and values
  • sustainable design of planting within buildings

Architectural humanities

  • History and theory of modern architecture and engineering
  • Architecture and human embodiment
  • Narrative design and museum space
  • Health and healing spaces
  • Housing reform in nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Architectural expression of identities
  • Built environment linguistics
  • Fiilmmaking, cinema and the built environment
  • Architectural criticism
  • Design consultancy
  • Museums and exhibition design
  • Digital heritage and augmented reality
  • Traditional architecture and engineering

Architecture, Culture and Tectonics

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Faculty of Engineering
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