Meet the Team

Dr Mike Clifford, Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham

About:  The University of Nottingham’s new Ghana office aims to aid development across the region through collaborative support and knowledge transfer. Its Developing Solutions programme is one of the UK’s largest scholarship programmes for the developing world.

Research interests: Appropriate technology, with emphasis on developing improved wood burning stoves.

Publications: Dr Clifford has published over 40 refereed journal papers, 40 refereed conference papers and three book chapters, and edited two recent textbooks suitable for undergraduates.

Mike Clifford

Dr Sarah Jewitt, The University of Nottingham

About: Dr Jewitt has undertaken micro-scale ethnographic fieldwork on local agricultural and forest management systems in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Areas of expertise: Gender, rural development, sustainable agriculture, food security, rural household energy, indigenous knowledge systems, forest management and common property resources.

Research interests: The gendered nature of household energy choices, use and access and the implications of this for food and economic security, indoor air pollution and climate change.

Sarah Jewitt

Dr Charlotte Ray, The University of Nottingham

About: Dr Charlotte Ray is a Research Fellow at The University of Nottingham. 

Areas of expertise: Human geography, international development, livelihoods, displacement, food security and qualitative methodology. 

Research interests: Dr Ray's PhD thesis investigated the integration and livelihood strategies of ‘self-settled’ refugee communities in The Gambia, West Africa understanding the complex cross-border social, cultural and historical ties that influence the availability of and access to resources (especially natural resources) for both hosts and refugees. 

Charlotte Ray 


Maria Beard, The University of Nottingham

About: Maria Beard is a qualified Children's Nurse and is a PhD student at The University of Nottingham.

Research Interests: Maria's PhD offers a collaboration with The University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Engineering, Children and Childhood Network and School of Health Sciences. The aim of her PhD is to explore the incidence, severity and causes of cookstove burns in children and related safety practices within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Maria Beard

Ewan Bloomfield, Practical Action (PA)

About Practical Action: Practical Action is an international development organisation which has been working on the development and distribution of appropriate technologies for more than 40 years, working extensively on improved cook stoves throughout Africa. 

Practical Action’s Eastern Africa Regional office, based in Nairobi, will be the host organisation for the East Africa research, while PA will host the research within Southern Africa through its offices in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Ewan Bloomfield

Dr Gisela Prasad, Energy Research Centre (ERC), The University of Cape Town, South Africa

About: Dr Prasad is programme leader for the Energy, Poverty and Development Group at ERC. She joined ERC in 2001, where she conducts research and teaches a masters course on energy, poverty and development. 

Areas of expertise: Dr Prasad is one of the lead authors for the Knowledge Module on Rural Energy Access within the Global Energy Assessment. She also has experience in conducting multi-country studies in the field of access to modern energy services.

Research interests: The supply, use and development impact of modern energy and energy technologies for the poor in Africa. 

Gisela Prasad

Prof. Francis Yamba, Centre of Energy, Environment and Engineering Zambia Limited (CEEEZ)

About CEEEZ: A non-governmental organisation that investigates, analyses and makes useful conclusions and policy recommendations on energy, environment and engineering concerns. 

Francis Yamba

Dr Kingdom Kwapata, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi (LUANAR)

About: Dr Kwadata is national coordinator of the Malawi Biofuel Development Initiative, which aims to spearhead sustainable utilization of Bioenergies, including biofuels, through research, extension, adoption and commercialization. 

Research interests: Genetic engineering of crops to increase biofuel production either through increased biomass or optimization of biosynthetic pathways associated with oil and lipid synthesis.

Kingdom Kwapata


Dr Temilade Sesan, Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), University of Ibadan, Nigeria

About: Dr Sesan is a development sociologist with expertise in energy poverty. Her PhD thesis investigated international development efforts to promote improved cook stoves in Nigeria and Kenya and to identify socio-cultural barriers that have limited their distribution. 

Research interests: Appropriate technology development, participatory development, women’s empowerment, and livelihoods improvement.

 Temilade Sesan


Dr Anne Wheldon, Ashden

About Ashden: A charity that champions the use of sustainable energy at a local level. This is achieved through the Ashden Awards, financial support to winners, informing different audiences, and research. 

Dr Wheldon’s roles include assessment and visits to Awards applicants, writing, technical communications, research and monitoring winners.

Anne Wheldon

Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer, The Household Energy Network (HEDON)

About: Dr Ballard-Treemer holds a PhD on the emissions of cooking stoves from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and has over 15 years’ experience in the field of communication and dissemination in the area of clean cook stoves.

HEDON: The leading knowledge sharing and networking NGO for household energy solutions in developing countries. 

Grant Ballard Tremeer



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