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Dewanto Harjunowibowo


Dewanto Harjunowibowo

PhD title: Innovative Energy Saving and Climate Control System for Greenhouses 

Supervisors: Professor Saffa Riffat and Dr Siddig Omer 

Personal Biography

I work in Sebelas Maret University (UNS) as a lecturer in Indonesia with Physics as my background. I studied in Sustainable Energy Technology of DABE UoN since I like the applied of physics in the department. Initiating a new journal with my colleagues in SRB is one of my future plans with the hope that this can benefit everybody involved for their future career.


Nowadays, more than 1.1 million acre greenhouse vegetables commercially around the world suffered from high energy consumption. The poor thermal insulation features responsible for up to 40% heat loss from the envelope. Therefore, the research work aims to cut the heat loss by using super thermal insulation as the envelope and high efficient Heat pump to provide heating and cooling. The sustainable energy was provided with solar PV and underground storage. The proposed system allows improving the indoor air quality of the greenhouse and enhancing the productivity. The system success to maintain the indoor temperature at 18°C in summer and 16°C in other seasons but in winter dropped to 13.5°C. The seasonal COP heating and cooling of the heat pump varies between 1.48–2.97 and 1.20–3.45, respectively. 





Vi Le 


Thi Le

PhD title: Investigating the influence of design parameters on the indoor environmental quality and thermal comfort in primary schools in ho chi minh city, Vietnam. 

Supervisors: Professor Mark Gillott and Dr Lucelia Rodrigues  

Personal Biography

Vi Le has been a full-time lecturer in Architecture at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture since 2008. She is teaching and doing research on building science, tropical architecture and indoor environmental quality.  

Vi Le completed her MArch and PhD in Architecture at the University of Nottingham. Her PhD research aims to contribute to the delivery of better indoor environmental conditions in primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and help inform design standards. During her study in Nottingham, she gave lectures and support to masters students in Environmental Design Studio. 





Aasem Alabdullatief


Asem Alabdullatief

PhD title: Sustainable Mosque Buildings Design in Hot Arid Climate

Supervisors: Dr Siddig Omer and Dr Rabah Boukhanouf

Personal Biography

I completed my undergraduate studies in Architecture and Building Science.  After that, I worked as an architect in a practical firm and for a real estate company.  In addition to that, I worked as a teaching assistant at King Saud University where I had completed my bachelors degree.  I travelled to Vancouver, in Canada where I did my master's degree in digital media.  I successfully completed projects that enhanced the digital solutions for architects working within that field.  After my master I worked as a lecturer for one year then started my PhD in Sustainable Building Technology within the department of Architecture and Built Environment in the Faculty of Engineering. I graduated in July 2020, a time when COVID-19 was the number one news all over the world. 


Due to the progressively urban population in many parts of the world and the hazard of global warming, it is necessary to work more towards sustainable solutions in building industries. Mosques are the worship building for Muslims and they are one of the most power consuming in comparison to other public buildings. They are unique because of their intermittent operation and various user numbers, which require a unique HVAC strategies. Therefore, this research is trying to set a guideline for designers who are designing mosques to assure producing sustainable outcomes in hot arid climate. The method is by simulating different techniques in the selected climate and evaluate their impacts in lowering cooling demands.






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