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Systematic reviews on psoriasis

Do you struggle to find the latest evidence about major skin disorders and their treatments? If so our maps of systematic reviews are for you.

This resource is a mapping by topic of systematic reviews on psoriasis published from 2012 onwards. The systematic reviews were found in the searches for our CEBD Evidence Updates and in specially carried out searches of PubMed and the Epistemonikos database. Links are given to the PubMed abstract, or the original publication if not in PubMed.

We would like to thank Professor Catherine Smith for her advice on the topic headings used in this mapping, which is intended to follow the treatment pathway of the NICE guideline as much as possible.

A key purpose of this map of systematic reviews was to enable verification of research uncertainties submitted to the James Lind Alliance Psoriasis Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). It has also been used as a reference source for the Global Psoriasis Atlas project.

It is important to appraise the quality of systematic reviews before applying to practice—we recommend the AMSTAR tool, which is very quick and easy to use.

We hope you find this resource helpful and welcome feedback.


Psoriasis (© Esther Burden-Teh)


Link to map of systematic reviews in psoriasis (PDF file) 



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