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Recap of atopic eczema (RECAP) 
an outcome measurement instrument to capture ‘eczema control’

RECAP is a seven-item questionnaire designed to capture the experience of eczema control in all ages and eczema severities. There are two versions: a self-reported version for adults/older children and a caregiver-reported version for younger children.

RECAP is one of the core outcome instruments recommended by the Harmonizing Outcome Measures for Eczema (HOME) initiative.


RECAP is free to use, but you must request permission to use it.


Scoring instructions

  • Each of the seven questions in RECAP carries equal weight and is scored from 0 to 4 (total score of 0-28).
  • If one question is left unanswered this is scored 0 and the scores are summed and expressed as usual out of a maximum of 28.
  • If two or more questions are left unanswered the questionnaire is not scored.
  • If two or more response options are selected, the response option with the highest score should be recorded.
      The table below shows how the scoring rules apply to the responses for each question:
 Score Question 1 Question 2, 3, 6 Question 4, 5 Question 7
 0  Very Good  No days  Not at all  Completely acceptable
 1  Good  1-2 days  A little bit  Mostly acceptable
 2  OK  3-4 days  Quite a lot  Quite acceptable
 3  Bad  5-6 days  A huge amount  Not very acceptable
4  Very bad  Every day  Completely  Not at all acceptable

Frequently asked questions

 Can I use RECAP?

We are delighted that you would like to use RECAP. It is free to use and openly available to all. We do however ask you to request permission to use RECAP. This allows us to keep track of how RECAP is being used. 

What do I need to know about the copyright for RECAP?

The copyright of RECAP is retained with the authors. The content is licenced under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided that the Contribution is properly cited (see reference below).

Can I adapt the wording or presentation of RECAP?

When using RECAP for research purposes, we recommend that you do not make any changes to the wording of RECAP. We also ask that you maintain the underlining of the word ‘intensely’ in question 3 (or differentiate this word in another way if underlining is not possible). We also ask that you maintain the order of the questions. This guidance is suggested to ensure that RECAP scores can be easily compared across research studies. 

Can I translate RECAP into a different language or adapt it for use in a different population?

We are delighted that you would like to create a translation or cross-cultural adaptation of RECAP. Please use our form to request permission to use RECAP. If you create a translated or cross-culturally adapted version of RECAP, we ask that you send us your final version for depositing on our webpage to improve the accessibility of RECAP worldwide and avoid duplication.

Is the original English version of RECAP suitable for use in all English-speaking countries?

The original version of RECAP has been developed in a UK English speaking population. It is likely that this version may be suitable for use in other English-speaking countries, but for research purposes it may be necessary to consider cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the RECAP for use in a different population.


Howells, L., J. R. Chalmers, S. Gran, A. Ahmed, C. Apfelbacher, T. Burton, L. Howie et al. "Development and initial testing of a new instrument to measure the experience of eczema control in adults and children: Recap of atopic eczema (RECAP)." British Journal of Dermatology (2019).


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