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Systematic reviewing: JBI accredited course

Our five-day course gives you a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of systematic review. It attracts participants from across the UK and around the world and is delivered by experienced members of the Centre who are all JBI-accredited trainers.

The training is delivered in a stimulating, interactive way, using a combination of lectures, demonstrations, group work and computer-based exercises.

What does the course cover?

  • Module 1: an introduction to evidence based healthcare and the systematic review of evidence
  • Module 2: the systematic review of evidence generated through quantitative research
  • Module 3: the systematic review of evidence generated by qualitative research, narrative and text

What will I learn?

The course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to undertake a rigorous systematic review of a topic relevant to your practice, using an appropriate methodology.

You will develop a strong understanding of the role of systematic reviews in improving healthcare practice, including the different approaches you can use for qualitative and quantitative evidence. We will teach you how to identify relevant research questions, develop suitable protocols for systematically reviewing them, and use the JBI software to do so.

Ongoing support

When you complete the course, you receive a certificate from the JBI, as well as copies of all of the resources used. If you decide to pursue a systematic review through our JBI collaboration, we can offer you ongoing mentorship and support. If three faculty members from the same institution complete all three modules, we can also help you to apply to become a JBI Affiliate Centre.

What other participants said:

‘’For me, the 5 day training course was an invigorating and joyful experience, in addition to being a very productive learning exercise. I thought it was generous of the course trainers to assure the trainees that they could write to them if they had any queries related to their systematic review research."



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Learning outcomes:

■ Understanding the role of systematic reviews in improving healthcare practice.
■ Understanding the different approaches to systematic review based on qualitative and/or quantitative evidence.
■ Identifying a relevant research question and developing a protocol for a systematic review.
■ Gaining skills in JBI software to facilitate the systematic review process.


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