Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Spin-outs, IP commercialisation and licensing

CfAM achieved significant success in commercialising innovative intellectual property (IP) developed through our cutting-edge research. Our team has leveraged expertise in 3D printing technology to create new products and applications that are changing the face of various industries.

Through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements with industry leaders, we have successfully identified routes to dissemination and commercialisation of our research. Furthermore, the spun out of high-growth ventures allowed us to bring new technologies, services and products to market. Our group's IP portfolio covers a wide range of applications, including biomedical devices, aerospace components, and AM processes.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in additive manufacturing. Our team is made up of highly skilled researchers and business experts, who work together to bridge the gap between academia and industry, delivering real-world impact and value.

Spin-out companies:

Added Scientific
Reactive Fusion

Centre for Additive Manufacturing

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