China Ports network
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Aims of the China Ports network




  1. Enable research currently being undertaken by UK and China practitioners, to contribute to debates and decision-making in academia, government and industry in China, the UK and beyond.
  2. Ensure that new approaches and methods currently being developed in the UK on the preservation, conservation and presentation of port-related material culture, the built environment and maritime archaeological sites is put to direct, practical use in China's port cities.
  3. Establish a 'Humanities voice' in debates concerning the development of the marine economy and maritime industries.
  4. Lay the foundations for a new generation of transnational and cross-disciplinary researchers who will contribute to the study of port cities in China and beyond in the years to come, and who will come to establish an entirely new field which might be termed 'China port studies'.
  1. 使英國和中國從業者目前正在進行的研究能為中國、英國及其他地區的學術界、政府和業產的辯論和決策提出貢獻。
  2. 確保英國目前正在開發之有關港口相關文化資訊、建築環境和海洋考古遺址之維護、保存和展示的新模式和新方法,在中國的港口城市得到直接實際的運用。
  3. 在海洋經濟和海洋產業發展的辯論中建立「人文的呼籲」。
  4. 為新一代跨國和跨領域研究人員將來對於中國乃至海外港口城市之研究貢獻奠定基礎,並將建立一個可稱之為「中國港口研究」之全新學術領域。



China Ports: History, Heritage and Development

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