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Paul Maddison

Consultant Neurologist / Honorary Professor,



Professional affiliations: Association of British Neurologists, British Medical Association, British Myology Society, British Neuro-oncology Society, International League against Epilepsy.

Appointments: Consultant Neurologist, Nottingham University Hospitals (Queen's Medical Centre), 2003. Honorary Professor of Neurology, University of Nottingham, 2016. Deputy Chair, regional East Midlands IVIg panel. University of Nottingham Ethics Committee. Myasthenia Interest Group, Association of British Neurologists. Neuro-oncology Specialist Interest Group, Association of British Neurologists. Regional SSC advisor, Association of British Neurologists.

Research Summary

My principal research expertise is in the clinical and immunological aspects of antibody-mediated autoimmune neurological disorders. I have a long standing research interest in Lambert-Eaton… read more

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Current Research

My principal research expertise is in the clinical and immunological aspects of antibody-mediated autoimmune neurological disorders. I have a long standing research interest in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) and paraneoplastic disorders, and co-ordinate the British Neurological Surveillance Unit of LEMS (collaborator Bethan Lang, University of Oxford). We are interested in the clinical/immunological profiles and survival statistics of paraneoplastic patients.

We are also researching late-onset myasthenia to try and understand if unique clinical features distinguish this group from younger myasthenia patients and are studying their adaptive immune responses in the lab to discern why the incidence of myasthenia in the elderly is rising (collaborators Angela Vincent, University of Oxford, David Hilton-Jones, Oxford, Saiju Jacob, Birmingham). In parallel to this study, we will be looking at clinical and circulating biomarkers as predictors of generalisation of myasthenia in patients with ocular presentation (collaborators Dr Sui Wong, Dr Gordon Plant, Moorfield's Hospital / NHNN, London). We have enrolled the largest prospective cohort of patients with myasthenia.

We are also developing circulating biomarkers in patients with gliomas to help predict when low grade gliomas are in the process of transforming into higher grade lesions (collaborators Caroline Chapman, David Walker, University of Nottingham).

I was also the clinical lead on a clinical research fellow project on clinical and muscle transcription profile biomarkers in myotonic dystrophy type 1 (collaborators Saam Sedehizadeh, David Brook, University of Nottingham).

We are also completing a project looking at the presence of neuronal antibodies in patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Funding (from 2006): Nottingham University Hospital Special Trustees; Derby Hospitals Research Grants; Royal College of Physicians Myre Sim Grant; BMedSci Bursary Prize Award Association of British Neurologists; Myasthenia Gravis Association John Newsom-Davis PhD Clinical Research Fellowship; Diabetes UK; European Neurological Society Fellowship; Peel Medical Research Trust; Stanhope Trust, Derby Hospitals; Myaware PhD Clinical Research Fellowship; Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (PhD Clinical Research Fellowship to Dr Saam Sedehizadeh); Rose Trees Trust; Mason Medical Research Foundation; Nottingham University Hospitals Charity; Muscular Dystrophy UK project grant.

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