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Mohammadreza Ilkhani

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Engineering



Mohammadreza is a senior postdoctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham. Heworks on multiple research projects at the PEMC research group, which are concentrated on the design and development of new techniques for developing More electric aircraft. Multiple high speed-high power test rig are in development in the Wolfson high power lab which Mohammadreza is leading the mechanical design of these types of machinery. He is responsible for mechanical parts design and analysis especially high-speed rotating parts dynamic. Also, he is involved in the MARQUESS project as a member of the Composite group in cooperation with Airbus company. He took his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Iran University of Science and technology in 2017. He was honored two times as an elite Ph.D. student. Also, he has remarkable experience in gas turbine design and manufacturing based on his last position as the head of the gas turbine test facility in the Oil Turbo Compressor company. He is experienced in modeling the dynamics of rotors and blades and experimental modal analysis of the rotating system. His interest is analysis and design of aerospace structures, New-generation of aero-engines, rotating machinery, bearings dynamics, and experimental modal analysis.

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