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Mohammadreza Ilkhani

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Engineering



Mohammadreza is a Senior Research Fellow at the Power Electronic Machine Control group, PEMC, at the University of Nottingham. His main expertise is the mechanical design of rotating machinery, rotor dynamics, and bearing analysis for propulsion machines. He is leading the mechanical side of the Wolfson high power laboratory with multiple electric propulsion machines' test rigs that cover a wide range of power and speed from a few kW up to 5MW and from 100s rpm up to 120,000rpm. Additionally, he is involved in the design and manufacturing of permanent magnet electrical propulsion machines that are developed in the PEMC group. Mohammadreza got his PhD in mechanical engineering, especially in rotor dynamics and published multiple ISI journal papers during his academic way that lead to being awarded as the elite PhD student two times. In parallel, he joined the Oil Turbo Compressor engineering company (OTC). OTC is a Joint venture of Siemens company for manufacturing and commissioning of SGT-600 gas turbine. At first, Mohammadreza joined the company as a rotor dynamic expert and then became the manager of the gas turbine's components test facility for 5 years. This position gave him a remarkable experience in design, manufacturing methods, Balancing, assembly, bearing selection and testing heavy-duty gas turbines. Mohammadreza Has joined the University of Nottingham in 2019 as a post-doc research fellow in the composite group for delivering project MARQUESS which was software for deep analysis of the composite fuselage of the Airbus aircraft family. Mohammadreza has good knowledge and experience in OOP and Python coding that helped the MARQUESS team to deliver the project.

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