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Flexible and reliable mobility while dramatically reducing emissions is regarded as one of the greatest challenges. To achieve these goals new approaches to storage and conversion of electrical energy are needed. The ElectroGraph project follows an integrated, technology driven approach in development of novel materials and components for realization of optimized supercapacitors. To design a supercapacitor with high energy and power density, it is crucial to select the correct electrodes and electrolytes.

The aim of ElectroGraph is to use graphene-based materials for electrodes and room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) as electrolyte. The development of production processes of materials, components and devices is an integral part of the project. The performance of materials and components will be demonstrated on the functional model of supercapacitor.

Additionally, the understanding of appropriate practices for the safe production, processing and recycling of graphene materials will be generated, and will facilitate the development of guidance on risk management. Furthermore, methods by which the graphene containing materials can be recycled will be identified with the primary objective of reducing environmental impact.

Project Partners:

Project Coordinator/Contact Person:Urszula Kosidlo (Fraunhofer Institut)


Project: Graphene-based Electrodes for Application in Supercapacitors

Investigator: Steve Pickering





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