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Third Session


Attempts by the British to have the conference method dropped were frustrated by Indian delegates, but the final session was half the size of the first. The Princes were represented by their ministers, Congress had re-launched civil disobedience after Gandhi’s arrest and did not participate, and the event was widely considered a rubber-stamping exercise. Its recommendations, after scrutiny by a Joint Select Committee, formed the bedrock of the Government of India Act (1935) providing for immediate provincial autonomy and eventual federation.

The membership of the third conference session numbered 46. For selected delegate profiles, see the links below:

PresentSir Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III, Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, Sir Samuel Hoare, Mukund Ramrao Jayakar, NM Joshi, Philip Kerr, Marquess of Lothian, J Ramsay MacDonald (Chairman of the Conference), Rufus Isaacs, Marquess of Reading, Jahan Ara Shahnawaz, Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru, Lord Sankey (Deputy Chairman of the Conference)
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Conferencing the International

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