Conferencing the International


Photograph depicting protesters marching against the Simon Commission, holding a banner reading "Simon Go Back"
Photograph of delegates at the First Session of the Round Table Conference at St James's Palace, London (November 1930-January 1931)
First Session
Photograph of the Federal Structure Committee at the Second Session of the Round-Table Conference at St. James Palace, London (September 1931)
Second Session
Photograph of the King’s Robing Room, Palace of Westminster (c.1910)
Third Session and after

The following sources provided the majority of the information for the timelines:

  • Carl Bridge, Holding India to the Empire: the British Conservative Party and the 1935 constitution (New Delhi: Sterling Publishers; 1986)
  • Ian Copland, The Princes of India in the Endgame of Empire, 1917-1947 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 1997)
  • R.J. Moore, The Crisis of Indian Unity, 1917-1940 (Oxford: Clarendon Press; 1974)

Conferencing the International

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