Conferencing the International
RTC Third Session

Round Table Conference: the Third Session and after
(17th December 1932 – 24th December 1932)

Timeline of events at the Third Session and after

November 1932

  • 17th: the third session of the RTC was opened, the smaller size warranting only rooms in the House of Lords, not St. James’s Palace. Labour boycotted the conference.

December 1932

  • 9th: representatives for the Princely States renegotiated the Delhi pact between Bikaner and Patiala and secured better financial terms for any State acceding to the federation.
  • 23rd: a general discussion was hosted for all delegates.
  • 24th: the RTC concluded.

March 1933

  • 25th: a full debate on the White Paper, on proposals for Indian Constitutional Reform, emerging from the RTC conclusions was held in the Commons.

April 1933

  • A Joint Select Committee of parliament was appointed to scrutinise constitutional proposals.

October 1934

  • 12th: the Joint Select Committee signed off its report.

December 1934

  • 13th: the Joint Select Committee report was accepted in the House of Commons. 

February 1935

  • the Joint Select Committee report passed through parliament a second time.

August 1935

  • 2nd:  The Government of India Act was passed by parliament. 

February 1937

    • The results of the first elections under provincial autonomy were announced. Congress won 711 of 1585 Legislative Assembly seats, securing a majority in five of 11 provinces.

Conferencing the International

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