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Circuit Longituinal Study

The research project raised questions for galleries about what role they ought, or might take to help emerging young artists build careers and lives. The research had three initial aims:

  1. To respond to calls, made in the context of austerity, for robust longitudinal work to articulate the ‘value’ of the arts for individuals and society.
  2. To help galleries understand more about the current generation of young people. This project was informed by extant research which explored how young people achieve a sense of adulthood at a time when the traditional markers of this transition, such as leaving home and going into paid employment, are particularly fraught.
  3. To explore the different value the arts and art gallery had for young people from different backgrounds. What difference did Circuit hold and make for its more, and less, privileged participants? The research sought to answer the overarching question 'What value does Circuit have in the lives of young people?'

Project duration: 2015-19
Investigator: Pat Thomson - Principal Investigator
Funding body: Tate
Further information: Project report



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