Centre for Research in Human Flourishing (CRHF)
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CRHF Projects

The human flourishing group have substantial experience in relation to a range of research approaches and methodologies including qualitative and quantitative methods, mixed methods studies, longitudinal studies, case studies, and programme evaluations.

Centre staff and students work closely with the Nottingham-based Human Flourishing Project which provides therapy focused on personal growth and development.

Current and recent projects

RECOLLECT2 - Recovery Colleges Characterisation and Testing

Lifelong education for people who are recovering from mental health distress - this project will evaluate the 85 Recovery Colleges operating in the UK, identifying the pedagogical aspects of programme delivery.

Duration of project: 2020-25
Investigator: Gary Winship
Funding body: NIHR
Further information: Project website


What is the Potential of Written and Spoken Word Poetry to Facilitate Meaning Making and Recovery for Individuals who have Experienced Psychosis?

This research seeks to explore the potential relationship between poetry and psychosis, asking the questions of:

  • How can written and spoken poetry can support meaning making?
  • Does this process of meaning making help people who have experienced psychosis in their recovery?

Duration of project: 2020-23
Investigator: Gary Winship - Principal Investigator and Mark Pearson
Funding body: Institute of Mental Health


Psychoeducation for Young Persistent Fire Setters

Psychoeducation project; I) to see if it is feasible to teach young people how to desist from setting fires (identifying pathways out of fire setting behaviour ii) to collect data, including profile data (birth order, family circumstances etc) to see if it is possible to generate knowledge about the causal factors for setting fires (what are the pathways leading to persistent fire setting).  The data across a small number of cases potentially allows us to generate some hypotheses where we can see if there predictive factors which might indicate risk.  This in turn may then inform systems for prevention which can be developed nationally.

Duration of project: 2019-21
Investigator: Gary Winship 
Funding body: Nottinghamshire Crime and Drug Partnership


mPath: Supporting Inter-Personal Reflection in Counselling Training

mPath is a service developed specifically for counselling students providing opportunity for a structured analysis of their training sessions and to elicit and receive specific feedback from their client. The service offers multiple tools to reflect on various facets of peoples' experiences, all tightly linked with the video-recording of the session, and designed to facilitate a time-efficient process.

Duration of project: 2020-21
Investigator: David Murphy - Principal Investigator (University of Nottingham), Faith Liao (Taipei Medical University Hospital) and Clive Minican (Independent Programmer)
Funding body: Doctoral Fellowship from Austrian Academy of Sciences and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and Impact Leaders award scheme
Further information: mPath website



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