Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)

Processing Equipment

Plasma Processing



Mettech Axial III Suspension Plasma Spray (SPS)

(UK's only SPS with a high power, high efficiency deposition device with injection of feedstock materials directly into the centre of plasma plume – axial injection. 15-150 kW power with feed rates of 100 ml/min. It is capable of both SPS and Atmopsheric Plasma Spray (APS).)


Plasma robot

SG100 APS 

(TAFA Model SG-100 is an 40 kW, multi-mode plasma spray torch that is capable of producing subsonic, Mach I and Mach II gas velocity levels. It can produce dense wear resistant coatings to porous thermal barier and environmental barrier coatings. The SG-100's unique design also provides the option of internal or external powder injection for abradable coatings.)  


Combustion Spraying

HVOF spray room

Metjet IV, Liquid fuelled High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) Spray

(The system is mass flow controlled for repeatable coating quality. Optimised, single point fuel injection system to promote a complete, clean burn within the combustion chamber. Steel powder injection ports.)

GTV TopGun SS suspension spray gun

GTV TopGun, Gas fuelled HVOF spray (Both axial injection for suspenion, solution precusor and powder

(Two variations on suspenions: simple injector and water cooled injector. It can operate with Acetylen, Ethene, Methane, Hydrogen, Propylene, Propane & Natural gas.) 


Cold Spray

cold spray room

High Pressure Cold Spray 

(35 bar with 540 C Nitrogen or Helium with a Praxair high pressure 1264 powder feeder capable of spraying metallic and metal-ceramic mixture. Both x-y table and 44 kg ABB robot mounting avaible.)

Dymet low pressure cold spray

Dymet Low Pressure Cold Spray 

(It is designed for the deposition of cermet coatings with metal like aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, lead with alumina, borides, carbides and nitrides. It operates with compressed air at 12 bar with a gas temperature of 500 C. Powder is injected downstream of the nozzle. Both ceramic and metallic nozzles available.)



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