Centre for Research on Cuba

Centre for Research on Cuba: Annual Conference 2018

The Helmsley (Room B7)
Tuesday 11th (09:00) - Thursday 13th September 2018 (17:00)

email: Antoni Kapcia A.Kapcia@nottingham.ac.uk


Centre for Research on Cuba

Cuba Research Forum Annual Conference 2018

The event and the Tuesday reception take place in the Hemsley, at the centre of the University Park campus.

Accommodation and both evening meals are in the nearby Lincoln Hall.


Tuesday 11 September

Registration available from 10.00 am 

11.00-1.00 Contested and negotiated histories

  • Alberto Martí (Nottingham): An archaeology of counter-insurgency: exploring the Cuban reconcentration camps (1895-1898)
  • Antoni Kapcia (Nottingham): The consumption and recording of history: the view from the grassroots(Granma)
  • Armandina Deller (Nottingham):  The historiography of espiritismo de cordón
  • Sjamme van de Voort (Nottingham): Memory and ideology in the Cuban diaspora in Miami

1.00-2.00 Lunch 

2.00-3.00 Cultural ethnography at the macro and micro levels

  • Thomas Carter (Brighton): The Times They Are a’ Changin’": Haunting Temporalities of the Revolution
  • Jennifer Cearns (UCL): ‘The Mula Ring’: Gender, Agency and Confianza in Contemporary Cuban  Networks of Material Circulation 

3.00-3.20 Refreshments 

3.20-5.20 Cuba from the outside

  • Christopher Hull (Chester): Shooting Our Man in Havana
  • Rebecca Ogden (Kent): Nostalgia and the tourist gaze: Instagram photography of Havana
  • James Clifford Kent (Royal Holloway London): “Yo soy Fidel!”: Post-Castro Cuba and the cult of personality
  • William Rowlandson (Kent): Sartre, Cuba and the missing Appendix

5.30-6.15 Plenary lecture (in memory of Fernando Martínez Heredia) 

Rodrigo Espina Prieto (Director de Investigaciones, Instituto Cubano de Investigaciones Culturales, Havana): Conflicto racial en cuba y espacios de participación 

6.15-7.00 Reception 

7.30 Dinner (Lincoln Hall)

Wednesday 12 September 

9.00-11.00 The complexities of the evolution of culture after 1959

  • Guy Baron (Aberystwyth): Cinema and Culture in the 1970s
  • Isabel Story (Nottingham): Cuba’s negotiation of cultural heritage as a route to independence during the Cold War
  • Jasmine Chohan (Courtauld Institute of Art): The Creation of the Utopian Biennial: La Tercera Bienal de la Habana
  • Par Kumaraswami (Reading):Granma se escribe desde La Habana’: The representation of Granma province in the Historia de la Literatura Cubana volumes 1-3 (2002-2008)

11.00-11.15 Refreshments 

11.15- 12.30 The shaping of Cuban youth

  • Anne Luke(Leeds): En busca de una nueva flor? Reflections on the 1978 XI World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana
  • Rosi Smith (Nottingham): "Ya no vemos la Universidad como algo distante; la tenemos aquí en las manos". Personalised and situated pedagogy in the municipalised Cuban university          
  • Lisa Taylor (KCL): Ideological difference: A comparison of school choice in Cuba and England

12.30-1.15 Lunch 

1.15-2.45 External cultural and political dimensions

  • Jenni Ramone (NTU): Repetition and Tourism in Leonardo Padura’s Adios, Hemingway (2001)
  • Marcos Rodríguez Marrero (Canarias): José Hurtado de Mendoza, Canarias-América
  • Mervyn Bain (Aberdeen): Cuban-Russian Relations in a post-Castro World 

2.45-4.15 Shaping revolution in the 1960s

  • Albert Manke (Berkeley & Bielefeld): Popular mobilization for the defence of the Cuban revolution of 1959: The role of women in militias
  • Patricia Calvo (Santiago de Compostela): La difusión de la ideología revolucionaria cubana a través del Boletín de la Organización Latinoamericana de Solidaridad (1966-1967)
  • Marcos Antonio da Silva (UFGD, Brazil): Fernando Martínez Heredia y la revista Pensamiento Crítico: los (des) caminos del marxismo revolucionario en Cuba 

4.15-4.45 Refreshments 

4.45-6.15 The dilemmas, definitions and challenges of development in Cuba

  • Emily Morris (UCL): Real and relative wages in Cuba today: problems of measurement, prospects for reform
  • Stephen Wilkinson (Buckingham) (in collaboration with Marisa Wilson (Edinburgh) & Denise Baden (Southampton)): Ecological Public Health in Practice? Cuba’s Moral Economy of Food and Pharma
  • Galia Figueroa Alfonso (Bonn): Cuban agroecology through State eyes: development solution or a necessary evil? 

7.30 Dinner 

Thursday 13 September 

9.15-10.45 Perspectives on women and politics in Cuba, past and present 

  • Manuel Ramírez Chicharro (CSIC, Madrid): Decolonizing feminism: The Democratic Federation of Cuban Women in pre-Revolutionary Cuba, 1946-1956
  • Christabelle Peters (Bristol): Mana Africa, The cultural politics of female militancy in Cuban-Angolan cooperation
  • Aida Torralbas Fernández (Holguín): Cuba 2018: Un parlamento feminizado será un parlamento feminista? 

10.45-11.15 Refreshments 

11.15-12.45 Special panel in memory of Steve Ludlam: Labor in Cuba 

  • Steve Cushion (UCL): A working-class heroine is also something to be 
  • Lauren Collins (Nottingham): Commitment and accommodation: the Party and the trade unions in Revolutionary Cuba
  • Jenny Morín Nenoff (Cologne):  Trabajo decente y sostenible en Cuba – desafíos para las relaciones sociolaborales 

12.45-1.30 Lunch 

1.30 Close of conference


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