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Lameness - dairy cow's hoof


Lameness in dairy cows is a significant health and welfare problem impacting on efficient dairy production - 1 in 4 cows are identifiable lame on any one day.

Despite this, primary research investigating lameness has lagged behind that of similarly important endemic diseases. Considerable amount of information currently used to treat and prevent lameness on-farm is received wisdom unsubstantiated by experimental research.

Current Research

Our research is aimed at addressing knowledge gaps in the our current understanding of the aetiopathogenesis, treatment and prevention of lameness in dairy cows with a particular focus on the claw horn lesions (sole haemorrhage and ulceration and white line disease). Current projects include epidemiological and anatomical investigations into the association between body condition score and lameness, focusing on the role of the digital cushion, and on-farm clinical trials to further our understanding of the most appropriate treatments for claw horn lesions.


We will be providing industry guidelines on the management of body condition score in early lactation to reduce the risk of lameness and adding to the evidence base for approaches to the prevention and treatment of this important and prevalent condition.

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