Dementia, Arts and Wellbeing Network (DAWN)



Dance and Dementia Workshop

Dementia Arts and Wellbeing (DA&WN) Network held its first workshop on 3-4 October 2016 at the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham. This first workshop was led by dance practitioners Richard Coaten and Fergus Early. Find out more.

Visual Art and Dementia Workshop

Visual art is good for people with dementia. When drawing, painting or making, people are not judged by the accuracy of their memories. In the domain of art everyone's work is equally valuable, and all our opinions are valid. Making art and viewing art are activities that everyone can enjoy on equal terms. Find out more.

Theatre and Dementia Workshop

Over the two days we will create an immersive environment, which will include sensory interaction. We will use drama and theatre to explore how we connect with each other: how we express or share our thoughts and feelings, our likes and dislikes. The experience will be based on everyday routine and our sense of togetherness, enjoyment and community. Find out more.

Music and Dementia Workshop

Most people have an affinity for music, and we know that music can sometimes evoke astonishing responses in people with dementia. Music can also be used routinely to humanise the care process. The final DA&WN workshop, organised by Orii McDermott, Claire Garabedian and John Osborne, featured a range of approaches to music in dementia. Find out more.


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