D.H. Lawrence Research Centre

Black and white photograph of a white man in a suit with a full beard in front of a textures concrete wall (DH Lawrence)

D. H. Lawrence Research Centre 

The Centre was founded in 1991 with the aim of celebrating the work of Lawrence and promoting understanding of his life and legacy both within and outside academia.

Today it organises academic conferences, exhibitions and public events relating to Lawrence within the University of Nottingham, while also working alongside D. H.  Lawrence Birthplace Museum in Eastwood to showcase his importance for the local area through permanent and temporary exhibitions and events. 

Ink drawing of a man stood with his hand on the head of another man that kneels at his feet. 'This is me' is written with an arrow pointing to the first man, while "This is Billy. But how? Why?" is written next to the kneeling one.

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Black and white University College photograph of 1906-07 (DH Lawrence is in the second back row, second from right.


Black and white photo of Idella Purnell, D.H. Lawrence, Frieda Lawrence, Willard Johnson and Dr George E. Purnell at a cantina in Chapala, Mexico, 1923

News and events

Pile of typed manuscripts on top of a black, leather-bound book


Pile of handwritten, yellowed manuscripts. The top one has the words "The Flying Fish" at the top as a title.


Two students sat on the wall outside the LASS building on University Park campus in front of the DH Lawrence statue

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Dr Andrew Harrison releases "The Life of the Author: D. H. Lawrence"

Andrew Harrison has just published a new monograph on Lawrence with Wiley-Blackwell, in their 'Life of the Author' series.

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