Environment and Society

Environment, Culture and Sustainability

This work focuses on socio-cultural connections with natural environments, the ways in which religion shapes perceptions of nature and environmental stewardship and the influence of culture and social practice on environmental behaviour and transitions.

Image: An ‘improved’ latrine in Assam, India that fails to contain faecal matter when inundated during the monsoon and offers limited privacy when dry and usable. See Jewitt, S. Mahanta, A. and Gaur, K, 2018. Sanitation sustainability, seasonality and stacking: Improved facilities for how long, where and whom? The Geographical Journal. Photograph by Sarah Jewitt.

an improved latrine in Assam


Sustainability transitions

This research focuses on understanding the influence of social practice, culturally embedded knowledge and socio-economic status within sustainability transitions including how religion shapes values for nature and may offer unique moral and organisational resources for environmental stewardship.

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Rural land use and cultures

This research explores evolving approaches to rural land use, alternative woodland conservation and management systems and the cultural value of woods in different socio-economic contexts.

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Environment and Society

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