Environment and Society
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Research areas

Sustainable Rural Land Management

Managing the rural will be a major influence on how viable urbanised populations will be. Rural ecosystem services need to be understood, characterised and then protected.

Sustainable Urban Land Management

The urban littoral will be home for over half of humanity and this presents challenges to protect, shelter, feed, water and employ everyone in a sustainable manner.

The Sustainable Use and Management of Water

The growing geopolitical importance of fresh water makes it imperative we protect, restore and recycle surface and ground water resources as well as seek ways to use, and waste, less.

Health and Environment

Air, water, food and soil are major vectors of natural and anthopogenic hazards.

Risk Based Contaminated Land Management

Industrial activity and natural processes have distributed harmful substances in soil and groundwater. Safe use of land and secure drinking water supplies requires unacceptable levels of risk to be identified and remediated in a timely and safe fashion while optimising the value of these efforts.

Sources of funding

Our work receives funding from:

  • Horizon 2020
  • Leverhulme Foundation
  • NERC


Environment and Society

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