Environment and Society

Environmental Knowledge, Governance and Politics

This research encompasses broader political aspects of environmental research including the governance of agri-food systems, the politics of food from non-human animals, environmental and agri-food expertise (including ‘non-certified’ and gendered knowledges) and environmental justice.

Image: A boy swimming in a river that runs through the Chernobyl nuclear Exclusion Zone in Ukraine. The toxic landscape around the abandoned nuclear reactor contains high levels of radiation. See Davies, T. and Polese, A. 2015. Informality and survival in Ukraine's nuclear landscape: Living with the risks of Chernobyl. Journal of Eurasian Studies. 6, 34-45. Photograph by Dr Thom Davies.

boy swimming in a river

Environmental use, knowledge and management

This area of work focuses on intersections between certified and non-certified environmental expertise and knowledge systems and how social, cultural and demographic variations in environmental priorities and knowledge possession shape identities as well as environmental management practices.

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Agri-food systems politics and governance

This area of research focuses on the governance and ecological dimensions of agri-food systems and alternative food networks with particular emphasis on the policies and initiatives seeking to promote environmental sustainability.



Environment and Society

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