Environmental Risk

Environmental Risk Collaborative Research Hub

Image credit: Simon Gosling

The Environmental Risk Collaborative Research Hub aims to tackle a variety of global issues, both anthropogenic and natural in nature.

Our team's world-leading and interdisciplinary research seeks to answer some of the most pressing issues faced by society today. Our overall aim is to assess the links and risks that exist between the environment and humans, as well as natural systems in the past, present and future.

The Hub has expertise in modelling hydrological systems with a focus on water availability, quality and hazards, with particular interest in the implications of climate change. Current ongoing projects focus on water temperature, organic pollutants, microplastics in freshwaters, heavy metals from historic mining and modelling human impacts on global water resources.

The Hub also has significant interest in exploring the effects of changes in global climate and land use on organisms and ecosystems at multiple scales of time (from millennia to seasons) and space (from global to local). This includes research on the effects of deforestation on wildlife and the effects of climate change on fire activity and species distribution. These research efforts are crucial for the conservation and management of terrestrial and marine systems and to improve our understanding of how geodiversity may help conserve biodiversity.

Environmental Risk

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