Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group
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Fluids and Thermal Engineering (FLUTE) Research Group gathers 26 individual academic members’ research expertise in experimental fluid mechanics, computational fluids dynamics (CFD), two-phase flow and heat transfer enhancement, as well as thermodynamics and systems including internal combustion engines, HVAC and refrigeration, gas and oil process, thermal management and heat exchangers.

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Fluids and Thermal Engineering 


Group members have delivered international recognised researches over the past decades and gained international reputations.

This discipline of FLUTE roots from fundamental studies on fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and combustion; has triggered a wide spectrum of significant innovations and inventions, which substantially improved our life quality and radically shaped our today’s industrial civilization.

FLUTE is a cornerstone discipline underpinning a large variety of industrial sectors, such as power machinery, power generation, power electronics, aerospace, gas and oil, and renewable energy. It is also playing a vital role in many other engineering fields, including new materials fabrications, sustainable manufacturing and aerospace and marine technologies, etc.


Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group

Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2RD