The Granger Centre for Time Series Econometrics
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The Granger Centre for Time Series Econometrics

Welcome to the Granger Centre

The Granger Centre for Time Series Econometrics was established in December 2006 in the University of Nottingham's School of Economics to provide a research forum for the development and dissemination of new research initiatives in both theoretical and applied time series econometric analysis, including panel data methods.

Sir Clive GrangerThe centre is named in honour of Professor Sir Clive Granger (1934-2009) in recognition both of his invaluable contributions to the discipline of time series econometrics and his long association with the University of Nottingham. 

Sir Clive, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2003, had a profound influence in the field of time series analysis over almost half a century, becoming one of the most prominent econometricians in the world. 

He died on May 27, 2009, at Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California. He leaves a legacy of research and analysis that will continue to be important for years to come.


Key aims and expertise

The primary roles of the Granger Centre are to:

  • develop and encourage new research methods in time series specifically relevant to the detailed analysis of economic data 
  • place strong emphasis on the use of rigorous theoretical, applied and computational research methods to answer questions of interest to academic and professional economists alike
  • facilitate rapid dissemination of new research in time series econometrics through a discussion paper programme, an annual themed conference, a workshop series and other occassional seminars
  • have active External Fellowship and International Visitor schemes and to encourage collaboration between these researchers and Internal Fellows

Research team

The centre is co-directed by Professor David Harvey and Professor Steve Leybourne

Dr Yang Zu is the centre's Seminar Series Coordinator.

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World-Class Research


Upcoming seminars

Granger Centre Seminar: Weining Wang (City University, London)

22 November 2018 (16:00-17:00)
C43 Sir Clive Granger
Dynamic semiparametric factor model with structural breaks (C43, SCGB)

Granger Centre Seminar: Alain Hecq (Maastricht University)

14 March 2019 (16:00-17:00)
C43 Sir Clive Granger
(C43, SCGB)

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Recent discussion papers

GC 17/04: A bootstrap stationarity test for predictive regression invalidity

Iliyan Georgiev, David I. Harvey, Stephen J. Leybourne and A. M. Robert Taylor
August 2017

GC 17/03: Forecast evaluation tests and negative long-run variance estimates in small samples

David Harvey, Steve Leybourne and Emily Whitehouse show that in small, but empirically relevant, sample sizes, the long-run variance estimate used to compute the Diebold-Mariano test for forecast accuracy can frequently be negative. The authors consider a number of alternative approaches to estimating the long-run variance, and examine the finite sample performance of tests that use these differing approaches.
June 2017

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The Granger Centre for Time Series Econometrics

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