Human Factors Research Group

Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.

Several experienced and early career academics in ePaD specialise in researching the urban design and landscape aspects of the built environment, from the human scale of the design and use of the public realm through to complex city infrastructure and landscape themes.

Our work is both local and global - engaging with place making and place identity in UK settings alongside projects that investigate landscape, urban design and governance issues in Asia, Europe and Australia.

The research also examines the contemporary situation whilst also focussing upon the sensitivities of conserving and revitalising historic and heritage environments. Key themes our work explores, regardless of scale or location, include qualitative aspects of design and user experience in public space, perception of place and space, and holistic approaches to sustainability.


  • Heritage and Conservation
  • National Park Design
  • Social Sustainability and Urban Design
  • Spaces and Social Interaction
  • Therapeutic and Salutogenic Enironments

Human Factors Research Group

Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
University Park, Nottingham

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