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 Alumni PhD Students

Alumni PhD Students


Ayse Crossland

Research title: The investigation of interaction mechanisms with in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVIS)

Supervisors:   Dr Gary Burnett,  Dr Cath Harvey and David Robert Large

Graduation: July 2019


Personal Biography

Ayse Crossland (Eren) came to the University of Nottingham in 2009 to study her undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management and completed two more degrees after that at the university. Her Human Factors career started with her MSc in Human Factors followed by a PhD in Human Factors with a focus on automotive. Her PhD focused on understanding the interaction mechanisms used in achieving zero glance interactions with in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVIS). Ayse graduated with her PhD in July 2018. 

In August 2017 Ayse started working at Jaguar Land Rover as a Human Factors specialist in their Research Department. In this position she provides Human Factors support across the business and works on delivering future in-vehicle technologies. 

Kyle Harrington

Kyle Harrington 

Research title: Decision Making in Missing Person Incidents

Supervisors: Sarah SharplesGary Burnett, and James Pinchin

Graduation: July 2019

Personal Biography

Kyle completed a PhD within the Human Factors Research Group. His research investigated the decision-making processes of carers and parents during missing person searches in order to suggest ways in which technology may be able to improve outcomes for vulnerable people. 

During his final year, Kyle produced and tested an application which helped small teams better co-ordinate missing person search activities. During this time, he was also heavily involved in automotive research for which Kyle and his co-authors were awarded “Best Paper” at the AutoUI19 conference. Kyle now works at MindTech, within the Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham. He is involved in research related to technology use in mental health and neurodegenerative diseases.

Shalaka K

Shalaka Kurup

Research title: Rail passenger knowledge and it's implact on information requurements

Supervisors: David Golightly, David Clarke and Sarah Sharples

Graduation: July 2020

Personal Biography
I did my PhD in Human Factors, looking at how different types of rail passengers manage and handle disruption information. I now work for a company called Thales as a UX Designer and Human Factors Researcher. 
 Raphael Lamas

Raphael Lamas

Research title: Improving the social context of driving using connected vehicle technology

Supervisors:  Dr Gary Burnett, Dr Cath Harvey and  Dr Sue Cobb

Graduation: July 2018



Davide Salanitri

Research title: Trust in Virtual Reality.

Supervisors:  Dr Glyn LawsonProf Sarah Sharples and Brian Waterfield (JLR)

Graduation: July 2018 

Prijoko Soejadi 2

Prijoko Prajitnoadi Soejadi

Research title: Participatory Ergonomics in Indonesian Tin Mining

Supervisors:  Dr Glyn LawsonDr Setia Hermawati and  Dr Brendan Ryan

Graduation: December 2018

Personal Biography


University of Bangka Belitung Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering DepartmentBalunijuk, Bangka, Provinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, INDONESIA.

Prijoko P Soejadi is a lecturer at the University of Bangka Belitung (UBB), where he has spent time teaching and researching in the field of mechanical and industrial engineering for the last twenty-three years. He has extensive experience in manufacturing management. His recent activities include teach courses Manufacturing Processes and Quality Management. Prijoko is a member of the Indonesian Ergonomics Association (PEI) and the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) since 2018.

He completed his master's education in Manufacturing Management at the University of South Australia and doctoral education in the field of Human Factors in Engineering at the University of Nottingham. Participatory ergonomics in Indonesian tin mining is his doctoral research themed. Input for small medium enterprises to increase awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health in the tin mining environment in Indonesia resulted from his doctoral research.


A.Md: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Polytechnic for Manufacturing, 1995.  S.S.T: Bachelor of App. Science in Manufacturing Engineering, Bandung Polytechnic for Manufacturing, 2001.M.Eng: Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Management, University of South Australia, 2005.Ph.D: Doctor of Philosophy in Human Factors in Engineering, University of Nottingham UK, 2018.



Photo JulieW

Julie Waldron

Research title: Human Behaviour in Outdoor Public Spaces.

Supervisors:  Glyn Lawson  and Dr Sue Cobb

Graduation: July 2018

Personal Biography

Julie is a qualified Architect and Ergonomist. Julie completed her PhD in Human Factors at the Human Factors Research Group. Julie's research field was about human behaviour in urban spaces. During her PhD, Julie conducted behavioural analyses across different seasons in public spaces of Nottingham.

Julie evaluated how environmental factors such as wind, temperature, humidity and light are affecting the use of public spaces; and if we are able to predict human behaviour based on these variables.

Julie is now currently working as a Research Fellow at the Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group from The University of Nottingham.  Julie is planning to keep working in projects integrating topics such as: human behaviour, sustainable cities, renewable energy, city planning and well-being.   



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