Hungry for Words: Creative approaches to start the conversation about eating disorders in men

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2020. Men Writing Eating Disorders: Autobiographical Writing and Illness Experience in English and German Narratives (Bingley: Emerald), pp. 167.


show[s] the vital role that literature can play in uncovering this largely taboo illness. [and] what a powerful tool literary research can be in the growing field of Health and Medical Humanities 
Karen Leeder, Professor of Modern German Literature, Fellow of New College, University of Oxford, UK
blends psychology, arts and the voice of those who have lived with an eating disorder
Dr Una Foye, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London, UK

brings a transdisciplinary gaze to understanding eating disorders in men [and] advances the field of medical and health humanities

Mike Slade, Professor of Mental Health Recovery & Social Inclusion at Nottingham’s Institute of Mental Health (NHS and University of Nottingham)
offers an exemplary model how the humanities […] can engage with and, indeed, teach […] sciences and the practical pedagogy of biomedicine […]. I can think of no better achievement for the humanities than to contribute to our general well-being in the way that Men Writing Eating Disorders does with such mastery
Ronald Schleifer, George Lynn Cross Research Professor of English and Adjunct Professor in Medicine, University of Oklahoma, USA

Articles in journals and chapters in books

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