Intelligent Modelling and Analysis Group

IMA Fuzzy Theme Day 2016

C35, Dearing Building, Jubilee Campus
Friday 29th April 2016 (09:20-17:00)

The next in a series of theme days hosted by IMA is a day on Fuzzy logic.

The itinerary is as follows:

09:20     Arrival and coffee
09:40     Paper presentations (15mins presentation + 5 mins for questions)

  • Christian Wagner - A Similarity-based Inference Engine for Non-Singleton Fuzzy Logic Systems
  • Amir Pourabdollah - Contrasting Singleton Type-1 and Interval Type-2 Non-singleton Type-1 Fuzzy Logic Systems
  • Javier Navarro - Exploring Differences in Interpretation of Words Essential in Medical Treatment by Patients and Medical Professionals
  • Josie McCulloch - Measuring the Similarity between zSlices General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets with Non-Normal Secondary Membership Functions

11:00     coffee break

11:20     Paper presentations (15 mins presentation + 5 mins questions)

  • Svetlin Isaev  - Linking Human and Machine - Towards Consumer-Driven Automated Manufacturing
  • Utkarsh Agrawal - Cancer Subtype Identification Pipeline: A Classifusion Approach
  • Elissa Madi - An Exploration of Issues and Limitations in Current Methods of TOPSIS and Fuzzy TOPSIS
  • Chao Chen - An Extended ANFIS Architecture and its Learning Properties for Type-1 and Interval Type-2 Models

12:40     Lunch

13:30     Type-2 Tutorial (Jon Garibaldi, Bob John and Christian Wagner)

16:00     Pub


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