Institute for Name-Studies

Members of the INS attend the SNSBI Spring Conference

Maynooth, Ireland, 15th-18th April 2016

Members of the Institute for Name-Studies attended the 25th Spring Conference of the SNSBI (Society for Name-Studies in Britain and Ireland) at Maynooth University, Ireland. Three members of the INS gave papers at the conference.  Graham Collis, a PhD student in the INS, gave a paper entitled ‘St. Patrick – born in the Pas-de-Calais?’ examining the evidence for this provocative claim. Ellie Rye gave a paper (with Stuart Brookes, UCL) entitled ‘New approaches to old roads: travel and communication in Anglo-Saxon England’ demonstrating the methods used by the Travel and Communication in Anglo-Saxon England project.  Rebecca Gregory presented a paper entitled ‘The specificity of generics: semantic development and differentiation in some East Midland field-name elements’ drawing on her doctoral research into minor names in the East Midlands.  Rebecca also organised a very successful postgraduate workshop for student members of the SNSBI with Alice Crook (PhD student, University of Glasgow).


Posted on Tuesday 28th June 2016

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