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Perceptions of Place: English Place‑Name Study and Regional Variety

This project was generously supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and ran from September 2005 to August 2010.

Some members of the EPNS at a recent meeting of the Society.


One of the main aims of the project was to publish five new volumes of the Survey of English Place-Names. The research also helped to set the agenda for a major international conference on place‑name study in England and related neighbouring lands (including Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands). The conference was held in Nottingham in June 2010. Please see below for a list of papers delivered at this conference. The keynote lectures have been published in Perceptions of Place: twenty-first-century interpretatons of English place-name studies, ed. by J. Carroll and D. N. Parsons (EPNS, 2013).


County Volumes

County Durham: Stockton ward, by the late Victor Watts (brought to publication by an editorial team). The south-eastern quarter of historic County Durham, including the towns of Stockton, Sedgefield, and Hartlepool. First volume in the EPNS Survey of Durham.

Lincolnshire: Lawress wapentake, by the late Kenneth Cameron (brought to publication by John Insley). Due north of Lincoln, including Nettleham, Saxilby, and Torksey. The volume is EPNS Lincolnshire VII.

Leicestershire: Gartree hundred, by Barrie Cox. The south-east of the county, including Market Harborough, Husbands Bosworth, and Carlton Curlieu. The volume is EPNS Leicestershire IV.

Dorset: The Hundreds of Uggescombe, Eggardon, Tollerford, Cerne, Totcombe &Modbury, Yetminster, Beaminster, Beaminster Forum & Redhome, Whitchurch Canonicorum, and Godderthorn, by David Mills. The volume is EPNS Dorset vol. IV.

Shropshire: Pimhill and North Bradford hundreds, by the late Margaret Gelling. The north-eastern corner of the county, adjoining the Welsh border; includes Market Drayton, Wem, and Whitchurch. The volume is EPNS Shropshire vol. V. 



Here you can access a list of papers from the 2010 Conference

Vladislav Alpatov, Moscow City Pedagogical University

Religion in the Landscape: English Place‑Names with Christian Associations

John Baker, University of Nottingham

A simplex case of mistaken identity? The distribution and (possible) explanations of simplex burh in English place‑names

Keith Briggs, Suffolk

Was Hægelisdun in Essex?

Thomas Clancy, University of Glasgow

How Many Strata? Contextualising Early English Place‑Names in Southern Scotland

Paul Richard Coates, University of the West of England

Place‑Names and Linguistics

Paul Cullen, University of Nottingham

Place‑Names and Landscape Terminology

Gillian Fellows-Jensen, University of Copenhagen

The Scandinavian Background to English Place‑Names

John Freeman, London

Scandinavian Name-Material in Herefordshire

Frances Griffith, County Archaeologist, Devon

Berries and Archaeology

Carole Hough, University of Glasgow

Women in Place‑Names

John Insley, Heidelberg University

Personal Names in Place‑Names

Richard Jones, University of Leicester

Place‑Names and Settlement Archaeology

Peter Kitson, Worcestershire

Local names and the origins of the English Dialects

Bryn Morris, South West Archaeology

Old English Place‑Names: A New Approach

Kay Muhr, Northern Ireland Place‑Names Project

English Names and Language Relationships in Ireland

David Nance, University of Aberdeen

Cuckoos in the landscape: a statistical analysis of place‑names and landscape features.

Oliver Padel, President, English Place‑Name Society

Celtic Place‑Names in England

Jo Pye, University of Exeter

Place Names and Landscape Archaeology: the Cornish context

Jennifer Scherr; University of Bristol

Off the beaten track: from Alleyways to Zigzags

Maggie Scott, University of Salford

Reassessing Scots in Place‑Names: Some insights from Human Geography

Philip Shaw, University of Leicester

Personal Names – Place‑Names – Ethnonyms: A ‘Tangled Hierarchy’?

Matthew Townend, University of York

Scandinavian Place‑Names in England



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