Linguistics in Modern Languages

Studying Linguistics in the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies

There are many opportunities to study the linguistics of Modern Languages at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level within the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies.

We particularly welcome expressions of interest from anyone contemplating postgraduate research on any aspect of linguistics of any of the languages represented in the School. (We do not normally accept proposals relating to the linguistics of English.)


Undergraduate modules

We offer a range of Linguistic modules: 

Modules are inspired by the research interests of our staff and as a result may change for reasons of, for example, research developments or legislation changes. The list below is a sample of typical modules we offer, not a definitive list.

  • LK1ELL  Exploring Language and Linguistics
  • R81107 Language Meaning, Variation and Change
  • R12067  Introduction to French Linguistics
  • R12099  Language and Politics in 21st Century French
  • R12092  Linguistic variation in French
  • R21118 The Sounds of German
  • R22144 Investigating the German Language
  • R22254 The History of the Germanic Languages
  • R22264 Teaching and learning foreign languages
  • R23272 The German language and social Media


Postgraduate Research

We welcome enquiries about projects in any area of linguistics and modern languages. To get in touch to discuss your ideas, email:


Past and present topics for postgraduate research include:

  • Louis Cotgrove: German youth vernaculars online: re-examining ‘non-standard’ language on social media
  • Margarita Rosa Escobar: A Discourse Approach to ‘Question Time’ in the Mexican Congress
  • Katie Harrison: Preserving Identities: the role of community languages in the Ukrainian diaspora of the United Kingdom
  • Emma Humphries: Defending the French language: An online battle?
  • Sonya Kirk: "Whatever you do, do not let a boy grow up without Latin": A Comparative Study of Nineteenth-century Latin textbooks in English and Prussian Education
  • Joanna Moore: The representation of gay people in contemporary German and Slovenian newspaper articles: a critical discourse analytic comparison of the use of sexuality labels
  • Katherine Bennett: German Identity from a British Perspective: Evidence from School textbooks 1930-2000





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