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23rd October 2017 - Urban Transit Optimisation (Christine Mumford)

Christine is from the School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University.

16th June 2017 - Challenges of developing a geospatial framework for integrated urban infrastructure systems modelling (Stuart Barr)

Stuart is Professor of Geospatial Systems Engineering at Newcastle University.

25th November 2016 - Multi-modal Transport Modelling (Matthew Pollard)

Matthew Pollard is from Systra, a collaborator on the InSmart project.

24th February 2016 - Energy justice (Gordon Walker)

Gordon Walker is Professor of Geography and Co-Director of the DEMAND centre at Lancaster University. His research covers the social, spatial and normative dimensions of environment, sustainability and risk issues.

27th January 2016 - Far Future Cities – Setting the Brief for Urban Professionals (Chris Rogers)

Chris Rogers is Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at Birmingham University. His research portfolio is dominated by themes of infrastructure engineering and urban sustainability, resilience and liveability.

13th January 2016 - Interdisciplinary Research (Carlos Cuevas Garcia)

Carlos Cuevas Garcia is a PhD student in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham. His research is about the construction of expectations around interdisciplinarity with a focus on the life trajectories of interdisciplinary researchers from the humanities and the social and natural sciences. He has developed expertise in a discursive analysis approach known as discursive psychology.


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