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The IMR supports many events throughout the year for staff and students studying the medieval world. These include an annual public lecture, a programme of seminars organised around a theme, conferences and reading groups.

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Activities archive

The activities archive gives you a taste of the wide and varied programme within the IMR. This includes papers which have been given at national and international conferences. In addition some conference proceedings have been made available as open educational resources.

IMR staff guest lectures


  • Judith Jesch: ‘Runes and words: runology in a lexicographical context’
    Invited plenary lecture, Seventh International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions, Runes in Context’, Oslo, Norway. 9-13 Aug, 2010. Invited plenary lecture, Seventh International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions, ’, Oslo, Norway. 9-13 Aug, 2010.
  • Judith Jesch: ‘Looking for Vikings in the Nottinghamshire landscape’
    Invited lecture, Annual Conference of the Society for Landscape Studies, ‘Landscape History of Sherwood Forest and Nottinghamshire’, Nottingham. 11 September 2010.
  • Judith Jesch: ‘Looking for Vikings in the Nottinghamshire landscape’
    Invited lecture, Sherwood Archaeology Society, Mansfield. 20 October 2010.
  • Judith Jesch: ‘Viking weapons and skaldic verse’ Invited keynote lecture, Interdisciplinary PhD Course in Viking Studies, Aarhus, Denmark. 3-4 November 2010
  • Judith Jesch: ‘Crossing the ocean: the Norse gods in the Viking diaspora’ Invited lecture, ‘Gods and Goddesses on the Edge: Myth and Liminality in the North’, Reykjavík, Iceland. 12-13 November
  • Ross Balzaretti: 'Liguria in the Early Middle Ages'Invited seminar at the University of Edinburgh. 30 November.
  • Ross Balzaretti: 'Liguria in the Early Middle Ages'
    Invited seminar at the University of St Andrews. 13 December.


  • Judith Jesch: ‘Viking weapons and skaldic verse’
    Invited lecture, Viking Society Student Conference, Cambridge. 12 February 2011. Invited lecture, , Cambridge. 12 February 2011.
  • Catherine Attwood
    Invited paper, Être poète au temps de Charles d'Orléans, University of Avignon. 25-27 March 2011.
  • Judith Jesch: ‘Rognvald, Earl of Orkney – a Norwegian poet?’ Invited keynote lecture, Inaugural St Magnus Conference, Kirkwall. 14-15 April 2011.


IMR lectures and seminars

2011-2012 Programme

  • Chris Kind (Archaeology): 'Constructing Space and Society in Late Medieval Town Houses' 
    (19 October 2011) 
  • Christopher Dyer (Local History): 'The Origins of the English Village Revisited (700-1200)
    (12 November 2011)
  • Dr Nicola Royan (Centre for Regional Literatures and Cultures): 'The Scottish Identity of Gavin Douglas'
    (15 Nov 2011)

2009-2010 Programme 

  • Sarah Skinner (Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery) : 'Nottingham Alabasters in the Nottingham Castle Collection'
    (14 July 2010)
  • Professor Thorlac Turville-Petre (English): 'Sir Thomas Chaworth and his Books' 
    ( Performing Arts Workshop: 16 June 2010)
  • Dr Rob Lutton (History): 'God, Sex and Fashion: The Reading Habits of the Fifteenth-Century English Gentlewoman' 
    (26 May 2010)
  • Dr Kathryn Lowe (English): 'Travels with Auntie: Me, Melvyn and the Media'
    (18 March 2010);
  • Michael Wood: 'Saxons, Celts and Vikings: The Reign of Athelstan (925-39) and the Creation of England'
    (Inaugural lecture: 1 March 2010)
  • Thomas Pickles (York): 'Topography, Exegesis and Vocation' (
    (14 January 2010),
  • Postgraduate Round Table: Identities
    • Gareth Davies (Archaeology)
    • Dayanna Knight (Archaeology)
    • Rachel Midlemass (History)
    • Rebecca Reynolds (Archaeology)
      (3 December 2009)

2008-2009 Programme 

  • Professor Hugh N Kennedy (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) : 'Continuity and Change through the early Muslim Conquests of the Middle East'
    (Annual Lecture:Thursday 5 March 2009) 
  • Natasha Hodgson (Nottingham Trent University): 'Lions, tigers, and bears: encounters with wild animals and bestial imagery in the context of the crusades'
    (5 February 2009)
  • Monica White (Russian and Slavonic Studies):'The Art and Science of Dragon-Slaying in Byzantium'
    (6 May 2009)
  • Alfred Hiatt (University of Leeds): 'Deep South in the Middle Ages'
    (30 Oct 2008)
  • Patrick Conner (West Virginia University): 'The Abbotsbury Guild Statutes: Writ Legal and Literary?'
    (11 November 2008)
  • Eva Panagiotakopulu (University of Edinburgh):'Farms, fish and cereals, an entomological approach to Norse expansion'
    (27 November 2008) 
  • Round Table: North, South, East & West in the Medieval World
    • Dr Mary Cunningham (Theology)
    • Professor Judith Jesch (English)
    • Dr Christopher Loveluck (Archaeology)
    • Dr Nicola Royan (English)
      (4 December 2008)



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