Institute for Medieval Research

Medieval resources for researchers and students

The University of Nottingham is well supplied with a range of resources for medieval research. 

There are several repositories of physical and online resources, specialist libraries and collections, and the University of Nottingham Museum.

In addition there are many places, buildings and artefacts of significance located in the City of Nottingham and surrounding environs, making The University an ideal location for scholarly inquiry.

Professor Judith Jesch showcases the Reading Room in Manuscripts and Special Collections, accessible to scholars and members of the public alike.  



On campus resources

There are a number of specialist collections that can be accessed on University of Nottingham campuses.

Manuscripts and Special Collections

Located at King's Meadow Campus, MSC has has an outstanding collection of printed book collections, medieval manuscripts,and a range of medieval documents in their family and estate collections.

Principal MSC resources of original medieval material



Online resources

Nottingham scholars curate or assist in the compilation of a number of online resources.

These include the publication of conference and seminar papers.

Skills units

To assist researchers to use its resources, Manuscripts and Special Collections has produced a series of on-line Skills units.

MSC research guidance resources



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