Memory Studies and the Politics of Memory


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Please see below for opportunities to engage in Memory Studies at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level.

We particularly welcome expressions of interest from anyone contemplating postgraduate research on any aspect of memory studies.

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Postgraduate Studies

Research Opportunities
The cluster invites expressions of interest from anyone contemplating postgraduate research (at Masters or PhD level) on any aspect of memory studies.


Past and present topics for postgraduate research

Shashi Assella:South Asian American women's fiction: Identity formation and creation of the South Asian American women in the diaspora through memory and nostalgia (Spanish Portuguese and Latin American Studies)

Helen Budd: Memory and the politics of gender: East and West German narratives of the Deutsche Wehrmacht in war novels and films of the 1950s (German Studies)

Jesse Gardiner: Memorialisation of playwrights in the Soviet Union during the thaw (Russian and Slavonic Studies)

Catherine Gilbert: Writing Trauma: Silence in Rwandan Women’s Testimonial Literature (French and Francophone Studies)

Jenny Graaf: After the Expulsions: The Lost German Heimat in Memory, Monuments and Museums (German Studies)

Ute Hirsekorn (2008): Autobiographical Texts of GDR State Officials and Party Functionaries - Aspects of a Leadership Mentality (German Studies)

Sophia Mason: Women, political struggle and testimonio (Spanish Portuguese and Latin American Studies)

Jing Meng: Negotiation of modernity in China: Reconstructing the past on screen (Culture Film and Media/Critical Theory)

Dagmar Paulus (2013): (Anti-) Heroism and the Politics of Memory: Wilhelm Raabe’s Historical Novellas (German Studies)

Stefanie Petschik (2013): British War Memory as Discourse: The Interrelation of Nationalism and Biopolitics (Critical Theory)

Victoria Smith (2008): Representations of Memory in Transition: National Socialism in Contemporary (Auto)Biographical Writing in German (German Studies)

Benjamin Taylor: The use of photography in Nabokov's memoir and narrative fiction (Russian and Slavonic Studies)

Laura Todd: National mythologies and the remembrance of the past by young people in Russia and Serbia through film (Russian and Slavonic Studies)

Sachiyo Tsukamoto: Creations of collective memories of the “comfort women” in Japan and the role of international and domestic NGOs (History)



Undergradute Studies

We offer a range of undergraduate modules inspired by the research interests of our staff and as a result may change for reasons of, for example, research developments or legislation changes. 

The list below is a sample of typical modules we offer, not a definitive list.

R21131 Germany after 1945: Politics of Memory and Identity

R12091 Aspects of the Second World War in French cinema

R13171 The Concentrationary Universe in French Literature

R22258 German Life Writing

R22234 The Historikerstreit and German Identity

R22263 Post-war Austrian Literature

R23128 Vergangenheitsbewaltigung und Nationale Identitat: Geschichte und Gedächtnis nach dem Holocaust

R23275 Confronting the Past in Contemporary Austrian Literature and Film

R43293 Civil War and Memory Wars in Contemporary Spain 1

R43285 Civil War and Memory Wars in Contemporary Spain 2

R83109 Myths and Memories: Histories of Russia’s Second World War




Memory Studies and the Politics of Memory

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