Maternal Health and Wellbeing

Maternal Health and Wellbeing Research Group

We are an established, multidisciplinary research group.

Through theoretical and pragmatic enquiry, our research explores issues around the care and support of women before, during and after childbirth. Our work looks at such topics as:

  • the organisation of maternity care
  • perinatal mental health
  • motherhood and childbearing in a diverse and contemporary society

Our research is highly applied, helping to inform policy, clinical guidelines and education, improve healthcare professionals’ practice and provide better maternal care for women in the UK and internationally. One of the ways we make sure our research remains relevant is by working closely with women with experience of maternity services. 

Visit the Nottingham Maternity Research Network to find out more.

Public involvement

The Maternal Health and Wellbeing Research Group is committed to involving those with experiences of using maternity services and experts by experience at all stages of the research process.  This involves working with individuals and organisations that work with and on behalf of service users at a national level and drawing on experience and expertise locally.

Nottingham Maternity Research Network

This growing Network has been developed to ensure that women's experiences and perspectives inform all stages of the research process.

Explore our research themes

To find out more about how our research makes an impact, explore the group’s research themes and projects. 

Organisation of maternity care, including content and workforce


Our research in this area explores service delivery, the content of care and the maternity workforce to improve maternity practice and support childbearing women. 

Perinatal mental health and wellbeing


Supporting women affected by anxiety, postnatal depression, post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues.    


Pregnancy, birth and motherhood in contemporary society


Our research looks at some of the many issues relating to modern-day pregnancy, childbirth and family life, including media effects, domestic abuse and cultural beliefs.     


Meet our researchers 

Professor Helen Spiby 

Helen is head of the research group. She is an experienced midwife and established health services researcher. 

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