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Talks by Neelima Sailaja and Max L. Wilson

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 27th October 2017 (12:00-13:00)

Neelima Sailaja

As media experiences become increasingly customised, context-sensitive and on-demand, there is a turn towards personal data to fuel this transition. This talk explores service provider priorities that are currently shaping personal data driven media experiences. We conducted interviews of employees delivering diverse media experiences within a range of teams at the BBC ( Sports, News, iPlayer, Radio, R&D etc ), who are currently shifting to technological frameworks powered by personal data. We identify a pivotal relationship between the significant service enhancement driven by personal data and the potential loss of user trust arising from various legal, social and ethical challenges, which will be detailed in the talk.

Max L. Wilson - Brain Scanning Update

I'll present a short overview of the current stage of several bits of work in the brain-scanning projects: from evaluation of user interfaces, to brain data as personal data, and onto planned studies of mental workload.

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