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Talks by Shazmin Majid and Harriet Cameron

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 11th October 2019 (12:00-13:00)

Shazmin and Harriet, who are both new PhD students in the lab, will give introductory talks this week.

Shazmin Majid – Title coming soon

Abstract coming soon.

Harriet Cameron – Digital Relationships: Making new and more meaningful relationships with audiences

This presentation will provide an introduction to the PhD project and supervision team. The presentation will briefly cover what the project is about, the methodology and methods being used, and the upcoming stages being carried out over the next few months.

The project is looking at what personal data is currently gathered and used in galleries, what personal data would be more useful to galleries, and how that data could be gathered. The project will go on to explore how ethical data donation by gallery visitors could be used to increase awareness of personal data usage and value, provide more value to the venue, and also gift something back to the visitor in return for their data. It utilises sequential design to explore these questions, with the initial stage of the study being to hold workshops with venues to establish answers to the first set of questions presented in this abstract.

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