My Marriage My Choice

Project News for April 2017

Project-lead Rachael Clawson delivered a presentation at the National Institute for Health Research – School for Social Care Research (NIHR-SSSCR) conference on April 12 "Forced marriage of people with learning disabilities – themes emerging from an analysis of UK Government Forced Marriage Unit statistics" which led to lively debate amongst delegates. The talk considered themes emerging in data recorded by the FMU between 2009-2015. Anne Patterson also visited the Forced Marriage Unit in Whitehall for further discussions about these themes and to attend the Forced Marriage Unit Partnership Board, which comprises national partners, all with a common interest in safeguarding those at risk or subjected to forced marriage.

We are excited that we have over 30 professional colleagues joining us for the workshop (on May 15 2017) about forced marriage. This will comprise round-table discussions on a number of identified themes with a view to shaping future policy and practice around assessing capacity to consent to marriage.  

We are continuing to recruit interview and focus group participants and have this month travelled to London and the North West to interview relevant individuals and groups. We are very grateful for the time that people have taken to participate. We would still like to hear in particular from faith leaders who would be willing to participate. We have also begun focus groups involving social work and other professionals involved in adult health and social care and have further groups planned for the West Midlands and London & the South East during May. Again we would like to hear from anyone who would like to participate in one of the focus groups or an individual interview.

We have now approached a number of film companies to discuss and develop further ideas for the awareness film we have planned. This will be targeted mainly at people with learning disabilities and their parents/carers, though it will also be highly relevant for faith/community leaders and health and social care professionals. We will shortly be recruiting actors (amateur and/or professional) to help us in this endeavour.

Posted on Friday 5th May 2017

My Marriage My Choice

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