My Marriage My Choice

Project News for July and August 2017

Rachael Clawson (Project-lead) and Deborah Kitson (CEO of project partner organisation Ann Craft Trust) interviewed for articles that have appeared in Sunday Times, Hindustan Times, the Asian Age and other publications
In response to comments made by Labour MP Jess Phillips regarding women being brought from Pakistan to the UK to marry disabled males, the Hindustan Times produced the following article for which they sought the expertise of Rachael and Deborah who have researched the subject of forced marriage over several years.

Presentation to be given at Oxfordshire County Council's "Learning Disabilities, Sexual and Domestic Abuse" conference, 28 September 2017
Dr Anne Patterson will be presenting preliminary findings from the project at the above day conference during September with a particular focus on frontline practitioners as stakeholders.

Data collection and analysis
We have now finished our interviews and focus groups and have during these last two months analysed much of the data and are producing our preliminary findings. We are extremely grateful for the time that people have taken to participate from our four stakeholder groups; people with learning disabilities; families and carers; faith leaders from a range of faiths and the various groups of practitioners who have taken time out of their busy schedules to participate. We are also extremely grateful to everyone who has assisted in bringing together focus groups, providing venues and enabling us to reach the voices we wished to hear.   

Working Group – Production of assessing capacity 'tool-kit'
We have now held two full-day meetings of the working group that is developing materials and resources that will support practitioners in undertaking capacity assessments, particularly in the context of forced marriageof people with learning disabilities.  A great deal of progress has been made thus far and the working group will convene for their final meeting in early October.

Forced marriage awareness film
Filming begins in mid-September for the awareness film that is targeted mainly at people with learning disabilities and their parents/carers, though it will also be highly relevant for faith/community leaders and health and social care professionals.  

Posted on Tuesday 19th September 2017

My Marriage My Choice

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