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We seek to provide an organisational locus for rigorous critical philosophical research into the nature of social phenomena, in particular around our 4 focus areas.

We want to link together researchers, social theorists, activists and others from across and outside of the University to answer key questions that matter to how we understand the social world.


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Dr Koshka Duff on Police Abolitionism

What is Policing?

Why is a Historical Approach Important?


Alternatives to Policing

Reform or Abolition?



Don't we need the Police?



Why is it important to address metaphysical aspects of social issues?

Professor Sally Haslanger, Ford Professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate Professor Mari Mikkola, Oxford University


Professor Jonathan Schaffer, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University

Associate Professor Brian Epstein, Tufts University



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