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New research that our supporters have made possible

NBCRC remain extremely grateful to all our supporters. 100% of the donations we receive goes towards supporting our research, helping us to improve our understanding of breast cancer and develop novel therapies.

The new research that our supporters have made possible, through the allocation of pilot grants, are listed below. Each of these projects has been awarded £10K which, over a period of 12 months, is used to generate essential data, data which will lead to research publications to share our discoveries with the community at large, and strengthen larger grant applications to external funding bodies (major charities and government). One may lead to the next breakthrough!

The pilot grant application process is extremely rigorous and involves an external panel of internationally recognised breast cancer experts to ensure that only the very best projects are funded. We also take into account the views and preferences of a panel of breast cancer patients. With your support we would like to continue to offer these awards on an annual basis.

To keep up to date with the exciting results of the projects follow us on social media, keep an eye on our regular newsletters, or come along to one of our public awareness events.


Judith Ramage - Tissue Resident immune cells in Breast Cancer

Srinivasan Madhusudan - Targeting Replication protein A (RPA) for personalization of breast cancer therapy

Andy Green - Glutaminase is a key therapeutic target in luminal breast cancer



Tracey Bradshaw - Investigating in vivo efficacy of apoferritin-encapsulated antitumour benzothiazole 5F203 against human-derived breast cancer xenografts

Victoria James - Uncovering how triple negative breast cancer communicates to nearby non-cancer cells in order to mediate treatment resistance  

Stewart Martin - Understanding calpastatin’s role in regulating breast cancer metastasis



Jennifer Ashworth - Targeting invasive heterogeneity in breast cancer using methods from wound healing

James Dixon - Acidosis-inducible drug and label delivery as a breast cancer therapeutic

Cinzia Allegrucci - Discovering drivers of breast cancer recurrence to overcome metastatic disease

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