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Our research team and their collaborators have published a range of well-received papers on endogenous retroviruses. You can find links to them all here:

Tarlinton RE, Fabijan J, Hemmatzadeh F, Meers J, Owen H, Sarker N, Seddon J, Simmons G, Speight N, Trott D, Woolford L, Emes RDE. 2021. Transcriptomic and genomic variants between koala populations reveals underlying genetic components to disorders in a bottlenecked population Conservation Genetics. 

MCEWAN, G.K., ALQUEZAR-PLANAS, D.E., DAYARAM, A., GILLET, A., TARLINTON, R., MONGAN, N., CHAPPELL, K., HENNING, J., TAN, M., TIMMS, P., YOUNG, P., ROCA, A.L. and GREENWOOD, A., 2021. Retroviral integrations contribute to elevated host cancer rates during germline invasion Nature communications. 1316 

SARKER N, FABIJAN J, OWEN H, SEDDON J, SIMMONS G, SPEIGHT N, KALER J, WOOLFORD L, EMES RD, HEMMATZADEH F, TROTT DJ, MEERS J and TARLINTON RE, 2020. Koala retrovirus viral load and disease burden in distinct northern and southern koala populations. Scientific reports. 10(1), 263 

SARKER, N., TARLINTON, R., OWEN, H., EMES, R.D., SEDDON, J., SIMMONS, G. and MEERS, J., 2020. Novel insights into viral infection and oncogenesis from Koala Retrovirus(KoRV) infection of HEK293T cells Gene. (In Press.) 

FABIJAN, J., SARKER, N., SPEIGHT, N., OWEN, H., MEERS, J., SIMMONS, G., SEDDON, J., EMES, R.D.E., TARLINTON, R., HEMMATZADEH, F., WOOLFORD, L. and TROTT, D., 2020. Pathological Findings in Retrovirus-positive Koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) From Northern and Southern Australia Journal of Comparative Pathology. 176, 50-66 

TARLINTON, R.E., MARTYNOVA, E., RIZVANOV, A., KHAIBOULLINA, S. and VERMA, S., 2020. Role of Viruses in the Pathogenesis ofMultiple Sclerosis Viruses. 12, 643 

TARLINTON, R.E., KHAIBOULLIN, T., GRANATOV, E., MARTYNOVA, E., RIZVANOV, A. and KHAIBOULLINA, S., 2019. The Interaction between Viral and Environmental Risk Factors in the Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 

MORANDI, E., TANASESCU, R., TARLINTON, R.E., CONSTANTIN-TEODOSIU, D. and GRAN, B., 2019. Do Antiretroviral Drugs Protect From Multiple Sclerosis By Inhibiting Expression Of MS-Associated Retrovirus? Frontiers in Immunology. 9, 3092 

SARKER, N., FABIJAN, J., SEDDON, J., TARLINTON, R., OWEN, H., SIMMONS, G., THIA, J., BLANCHARD, A.M., SPEIGHT, N., KALER, J., EMES, R.D.E., WOOLFORD, L., HEMMATZADEH, F., TROTT, D. and MEERS, J., 2019. Genetic diversity of Koala retrovirus (KoRV) env gene subtypes: Insights into northern and southern koala populations Journal of General Virology. 

Tarlinton RE, Wang B, Morandi E, Gran B, Khaiboullin T, Martynova E, Rizvanov A, Khaiboullina S. 2019. Differential Expression of HERV-W in Peripheral blood in Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Patients in Two Different Ethnic Groups. Frontiers in Immunology. 10, 1645 

Sarker N, Fabijan J, Emes RD, Hemmatzadeh F, Meers J, Moreton J, Owen H. Seddon JM, Simmons G, Speight N, Trott D, Woolford l, Tarlinton RE. 2018. Identification of stable reference genes for quantitative PCR in koalas Scientific Reports. 8, 3364 

Morandi E, Tarlinton RE, Tanasescu R, Gran B, 2017. Human endogenous retroviruses and multiple sclerosis: Causation, association or after effect? Multiple Sclerosis (In Press).  

Morandi E, Tanasescu R, Tarlinton RE, Constantinescu CS, Zhang W, Tench C and Gran B 2017. The association between human endogenous retroviruses and multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. PloS one 12 (2), e0172415.  

Brown K, Tarlinton R, 2016 Is gibbon ape leukaemia virus still a threat? Mammal Review 47, 53-61.  

Morandi E, Tarlinton RE, Gran B, 2015 Multiple Sclerosis between genetics and infections: Human Endogenous Retroviruses in monocytes and macrophages. Frontiers in Immunology 6:647. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2015.0064  

Brown K, Emes RD, Tarlinton RE, 2014 Multiple groups of endogenous epsilon-like endogenous retroviruses conserved across primates. Journal of Virology, 88, 12464-71  

Moreton J, Malla S, Aboobaker AA, Tarlinton R, and Emes RD, 2014. Characterisation of the horse transcriptome from immunologically active tissues. PeerJ, 2e382  

Brown K, Moreton J, Malla S, Aboobaker AA, Emes RD and Tarlinton RE, 2012. Characterisation of retroviruses in the horse genome and their transcriptional activity via transcriptome sequencing. Virology 433 (1): 55-63  

Tarlinton RE, Barfoot HKR, Allen CE, Brown K, Gifford RJ, and Emes RD, 2013. Characterisation of a group of endogenous gammaretroviruses in the canine genome. The Veterinary Journal 196: 28-33 

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